GSN Review 2015

IRIS recently underwent a full external review of the Global Seismographic Network (GSN), as mandated by the cooperative agreement between IRIS and the National Science Foundation. The last such major review of the GSN was completed in 2003. The GSN Review Committee was asked to provide recommendations and advice on ways to maintain the quality, efficiency and scientific return of the network and to ensure its continued viability as a foundational seismological facility over the next decade. IRIS developed a comprehensive briefing book about the GSN, and presentations and discussions were conducted on-site with the GSN network operators and the Review Committee members at the end of March. 

In a final report, the Review Committee provided a comprehensive set of observations, findings, and recommendations (39 specific points within 8 general categories). Most importantly, the Review Committee was unambiguous in its assessment of the fundamental importance of the GSN for scientific discovery and earthquake monitoring, as well as mission-agency objectives.

IRIS developed a written response to the recommendations and presented a briefing during a meeting held at NSF.