Participate in Flexi-RAMP Concept Development Workshop on April 7

A one-day workshop to develop the scientific objectives, engineering interests, and instrument needs of a Rapid Array Mobilization Program (RAMP) will be held on Tuesday, April 7, at the Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey, California. The objective of the Flexi-RAMP initiative is to augment the pool of seismic equipment suitable for a Rapid Array Mobilization Program (RAMP). It is envisioned that a large fraction of the "Flexi"-RAMP instrumentation would be used by the community in short-term experiments to study aftershock zones or volcanoes. PIs would be required to rapidly demobilize and send equipment to the RAMP region when a large event occurs.

During the workshop, participants will develop the scientific objectives, the engineering interests, and the instrumentation needs of Flexi-RAMP. What are the important scientific targets both in the RAMP and Flexi modes of use? What type or types of instrumentation should be included and how many, 100 or 1000?

The program will include short presentations designed to stimulate the discussion. The morning session will focus on science and engineering goals and instrumentation and operations will be addressed in the afternoon. All participants are encouraged to bring one or two slides to illuminate the discussion. Lunch will be provided.

The workshop will be held in the Portola Hotel & Spa the day before the Annual SSA Meeting. The Portola Hotel is offering the SSA room rate for the night of April 6. Please make your own hotel reservation.

To participate in the workshop, please contact Richard Allen (

Organizing committee: Richard Allen (UC Berkeley), Marcos Alvarez (IRIS-PASSCAL), Paul Davis (UCLA)