IRIS E&O Launches New Seismographs in Schools Website

IRIS has launched a new version of its Seismographs in Schools website:

The Seismographs in Schools program promotes and supports the use of seismographs in educational settings. The program provides technical support for teachers, occasional donation of instruments to teachers, operators’ workshops, and the development and dissemination of instructional resources. The new Seismographs in Schools website features a collection of resources for teachers to use when teaching seismology and offers discussion forums designed to bridge the geographic divide between classrooms operating seismographs. In the forums, teachers can discuss recent earthquakes, troubleshoot their equipment, and share tips on teaching seismology.

The website also has a data repository which allows students and teachers from registered stations to upload and download waveform files for events they have recorded. Additional features of the website include the ability to view real-time readings from seismographs in classrooms and to find nearby teachers who are part of the program.