2013 Board of Directors Election Results

The IRIS Consortium is very pleased to announce the results of the 2013 Board of Directors election.


  • Anne Meltzer, Lehigh University

Director for one-year term:

  • Kate Miller, Texas A&M University

Director for two-year term:

  • Gabi Laske, University California San Diego

Directors for three-year terms:

  • Jeff McGuire, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University

Continuing Board Members:

  • Geoff Abers, 2015
  • Emily Brodsky, 2014
  • Jeroen Ritsema, 2014
  • Michael Wysession, 2015

We are grateful to the following individuals who volunteered their time and expertise to serve on the Board:

  • Brian Stump (Chair)
  • Matt Fouch (Vice Chair)
  • Paul Davis
  • Jeroen Tromp