Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2016

Previous DSSC Action Items

Fall 2014 Action Items

Action Item S2015:2 Develop a policy for accepting non-conventional non-seismic data into the DMC.  There could include such things as Strong Motion data, volcanological data, high-rate GPS data, infrasound, ocean observatory data, non-EarthScope MT etc.

Responsible: DSSC

Status: To be discussed at the Fall2015 DSSC meeting. Work will progress on this before the Spring 2016 DSSC meeting.


Action Item S2015:6 Send draft of SRL article on MUSTANG to the DSSC for Review when draft is ready

Responsibility: Ahern

Status: Ahern has had difficulty devoting time to lead this effort. The QA team at the IRIS DMC has been tasked to produce this article and we would hope to have it ready for publication early next year.


Action Items from the Spring 2016 DSSC Meeting


Action Item: S2016:5

Have a conversation with OISE about funding activities for some of the IRIS DS International activities.

Responsible: Ahern

Status: OISE has been contacted.  Any funding by the NSF International group has to be initiated by our own program officer.  Ahern suggests that this be discussed with the SAGE program officer at the Fall 2016 meeting.


Action Item S2016:7

Consolidated Action Item drawn from F2014:21, F2015:8 and F2015:11

Initiate conversation with the USGS regarding archiving USGS Strong Motion data at the IRIS DMC. As a first step clearly determine the volume of USGS strong motion data as well as USGS Volcano Hazards Program data (see Action Item F2015:6). Contact the NSF Engineering program about interest by that community either in accessing strong motion data at IRIS or storing NSF ENG supported strong motion data at the IRIS DMC. Explore possible new funding sources to support this activity.

Responsible: Ahern

Status: Ahern has contacted the USGS National Strong Motion Program several times, no real progress yet. Brief discussions with the head of the USGS Volcano Program took place as well. No contact with NSG Engineering.


Action Items from the Fall 2016 Meeting


Action Items F2016:1 Follow up with Greg on archiving historical data, often from other agencies. Are there potential sources of funding within other parts of NSF?

Responsible: Gaherty

Action Items F2016:2 Send Greg an email about the cabled array data types of interest to IRIS. This is primarily the bottom pressure data and the tilt data. With a minor amount of funding IRIS can generate the metadata needed and also develop the conversion algorithms to get the time series into miniSeed.

Responsible: Ahern


Action Items F2016:3 Ask HVO about using an IRIS intern or other undergraduate/graduate intern about scanning and/or digitizing records with oversight from staff scientists.

Responsible: Roman


Action Items F2016:4 Include product evaluation discussion in DSSC agenda provided by the DMC products group. Always include an agenda item related to products for DSSC meetings. Include product group’s recommendations for product depreciation as well as new products

Responsible: Trabant and Bahavar


Action Items F2016:5 Provide feedback to QAAC on frequency and terms for Mustang recalculation of metrics requiring accessing the entire archive.

Responsbile: Levin and Casey


Action Items F2016:6 Formulate language to present at upcoming COCOM meeting about diversifying funding sources

Responsible: Ahern & Gaherty


Action Items F2016:7 Take a list of possible new DSSC Chairpersons as well as two new members for DSSC participation to the Cocom meeting.

Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern


Brief Meeting Summary

The meeting began with a review of previous action items.  Key items from this section of the meeting include:

  • Develop items of importance to DSSC to take to IRIS COCOM and IRIS BOD.
  • Update current status of working groups and advisory committees.
    • Products working group has been disbanded due to budgetary stresses the scope of DS Products has decreased
    • HPCWG needs to complete its work by mid 2017 and will be disbanded
    • QAAC will continue as a longer-term presence. This is a joint DS-IS committee.
  • Establish a conversation with the USGS concerning providing access to strong motion data from the National Strong Motion Program,
  • Consider getting NSF OISE support for IRIS Data Workshops. These are deemed as a meaningful way to broaden the geographic scope of seismological coverage at a minimal cost to the US Government,
  • Publish an Article on MUSTANG in a leading journal.
  • All Action Items are posted routinely on the DSSC page for anyone to review.
  • October 3-4, 2016

There was considerable discussion of how the community uses products developed by IRIS Data Services. DSSC intends to continue discussion on data products in future meetings.

The committee was informed of some of the global efforts undertaken by IRIS Data Services to provide access to data from sparsely sampled parts of the world Of specific note are the current efforts in the African Rift area and Central Asia with future efforts to improve standard access techniques in Asia and the Western Pacific.

There was a status update, provided by Rob Casey on the current status and new capabilities of MUSTANG.

Reports were presented from the HPCWG and the QAAC, subcommittees of the DSSC,

A general discussion of unfinished projects and unspent funds that can be used for other projects took place. Unspent funds came largely from salary savings due to other DS funded projects such as EarthCube.  The DSSC was generally supportive of spending these unspent funds in area of need that included: 1) improving the hardware infrastructure (computing and storage) for MUSTANG, 2) testing the concept of transferring large amounts of data using data bricks, and 3) modest support for REED projects.

Potential new members for the DSSC were identified and after refinement the list will be taken to COMCOM and the IRIS BoD for approval.