Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

April 2016

Previous DSSC Action Items

Fall 2014 Action Items

Action Item S2015:2 Develop a policy for accepting non-conventional non-seismic data into the DMC.  There could include such things as Strong Motion data, volcanological data, high-rate GPS data, infrasound, ocean observatory data, non-EarthScope MT etc.
Responsible: DSSC
Status: To be discussed at the Fall2015 DSSC meeting. Work will progress on this before the Spring 2016 DSSC meeting.

Action Item S2015:6 Send draft of SRL article on MUSTANG to the DSSC for Review when draft is ready
Responsibility: Ahern
Status: MUSTANG is now mature enough for this to be started.

Fall 2015 DSSC Action Items

Action Item: F2015:4 Explore the possibilities of working with LLNL to host a coordination meeting of the Central Asian Countries in Azerbajan.
Responsible: Ahern and Gok
Action: No action other than a brief conversion between Gok and Ahern. It is unlikely that such a meeting will take place now in Azerbaijan but there is a possibility of an activity in Georgia that IRIS might participate in.

Action Item: F2015:6 Roman will push the funding issue for current and historical data with network operators. Including volcano observatory as well as seismic data. Responsible:  Roman.
Status: Roman had conversations with AVO, HVO, and CVO.

The three groups had different estimates as to the level of effort.  At CVO, the say they do not have the older historic data (1980-2001), the newer data are at DMC. AVO has been archiving since 2009 at the IRIS DMC.  They have older data back to 1989.  They would need an FTE year of effort to get the older data to IRIS. Total volume was 2.5 terabytes per year going back to 2002 - unclear volume before that. HVO has been streaming to DMC since 2011. They have 4 TB of data that are not archived (from 2007-2011) - earlier data (2000-2006) are on disks in Menlo Park with Phil Dawson. The big issue is related to the transfer over the Internet to IRIS from Hawaii - would need to provide a disk copy to be taken to IRIS for conversion/archiving.

So in order to do this it will require some money for personnel costs to do the work at AVO and internal IRIS resources to handle the HVO data.

Action Item: F2015:6  Publish information about  DOIs for seismic networks to editors and associate editors of main journals (BSSA, JGR etc) to alert authors to start using these DOIs and cite networks used in publications. Also alert PIs to check information on FDSN page. Add DOIs and/or link to FDSN DOIs from the GMAP page.
Responsible: Gaherty will contact Kirsten Lehnert and the COPDESS initiative. Levin will contact editors at JGR. Ahern can contact SSA.

Action Item: F2015:7 Implement a metric for dead channels (dead/live) for GSN
Responsible: Ahern, Hafner, and Casey
Status: GSN has developed a short specification for the metric.  DMC staff looking into best way to implement.  The plan will be to only run the dead channel metric over _GSN data initially.

Action Item: F2015:15 Investigate possible new DSSC chairs to be recommended to the BoD after Jim’s term expires next year.
Responsible: Ahern
Status: Ahern has contacted some potential candidates, those that are currently aware of DSSC issues or broader IRIS issues.

Action Items from the Spring 2016 DSSC Meeting

Action Item: S2016:1
DSSC recommends to disband the DPWG and bring any new data products proposals directly to the DSSC for review. This recommendation will be taken to COCOM and the BoD
Responsible: Jim Gaherty/Tim Ahern

Action Item: S2016:2
Change the way the QAAC membership list is identified and make it more user centric in terms of the official membership.  Also add wording that clarifies who the QAAC reports to.  DSSC believes it should report to the DSSC and the ISSC jointly.
Responsible: Ahern and Gaherty

Action Item: S2016:3
DSSC approved the budget. Take to CoCom and board
Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern

Action Item: S2016:4
Small changes to LDTD and Passive policies were approved.  Take to BoD as an information item.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item: S2016:5
Have a conversation with OISE about funding activities for some of the IRIS DS International activities.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item: S2016:6
Complete the BoD requested input form the DSSC for the NGEO facility and take to COCOM.
Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern

Action Item S2016:7
Consolidated Action Item drawn from F2014:21, F2015:8 and F2015:11
Initiate conversation with the USGS regarding archiving USGS Strong Motion data at the IRIS DMC. As a first step clearly determine the volume of USGS strong motion data as well as USGS Volcano Hazards Program data (see Action Item F2015:6). Contact the NSF Engineering program about interest by that community either in accessing strong motion data at IRIS or storing NSF ENG supported strong motion data at the IRIS DMC. Explore possible new funding sources to support this activity.
Responsible: Ahern

Brief Meeting Summary

The meeting began with a review of previous action items.  Key items from this section of the meeting include:

  • DSSC recommended disbanding the Data Products Working Group and new product ideas will be handled directly by the DSSC.
  • The Quality Assurance Advisory Committee (QAAC) was endorsed as a joint committee of the DS and IS directorates. It reports to both the DSSC and the ISSC.
  • DSSC endorsed the concept of submitting a GeoSciCloud proposal to the EarthCube solicitation

The FUTURES workshop report was reviewed and summarized for the DSSC. This serves as guidance for the NGEO proposal and as such is very important. The NGEO solicitation was discussed and the IRIS BoD guidance related to the solicitation was provided to the DSSC.

Key projects that have been completed or development started at the DMC include:

  • Indexing the waveform archive. This indexes the starting times of all waveforms in the archive and significantly reduces the time to access data when servicing requests.  Previously the DMC basically used the Unix File System to do this and this was inefficient and did not scale well to the volume at the DMC
  • The merged data project has started. This will place a preprocessed version of the data in the archive and move all other versions of the data to tape storage. This will also significantly decrease the time it takes to service data request.  Both of these projects are a result of trying to improve efficiencies in the level-funding environment. Doing more with less.

The DS Director summarized the small amount of carryover DS had ($15K) as well as a plan to refurbish the main server pool at the DMC using the 3% discretionary carryover funds the BoD extends to the programs. There were a few tasks that are nearing completion and will be finished in the near future.  The DSSC reviewed the proposed DS budget for SAGE YR 4. Ahern briefed the DSSC on significant impacts the flat funding has on Data Services. Since the DMC has a large number of staff eventually this results in the loss of an FTE since raises continue to be provided.  The SAGE YR4 DS budget has a reduction of one FTE.  The DSSC approved the proposed budget that the DS Director presented.

All DS Policies were reviewed.  The limit at which the Large Data Temporary Deployment policy triggers was raised from 5 terabytes per year to 10 terabytes per year due to a reduction in the cost of disk storage.  The DMC can manage any new data sets within the existing budget now that the DS LDTD policy provides some protection for us.