Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2015

Previous DSSC Action Items

Action Item S2012:1 from Spring 2012. QCN data. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jesse in terms of two pilot projects.
Previous Responsible: Koper
Responsibility: shifted to Ahern at Fall2013 Meeting
Status: Project on-going.  Group has recently contacted the DMC regarding SEED compliance issue. Christchurch QuakeCatcher update - progress being made, stay as an active action item
Action Item F2014:9   Make displacement data available to seismologists in formats and through methods familiar to IRIS seismologists. Consider writing a letter from the DSSC to UNAVCO expressing an interest to come up with a mutually agreeable solution to providing displacement data in a usable format for seismologists.
Responsible: Ahern, Gaherty with help from UNAVCO and Barnhart
Status: A meeting of GPS experts and IRIS is scheduled for the 2015 Fall lAGU meeting.
Action Item F2014:21: DSSC recommends a high-level discussion on archiving and distributing strong-motion data between IRIS and USGS at the BoD level. Take to the CoCom and BoD.
Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern
Status: IRIS Strategic Plan endorses this. Discussions have not yet taken place.
Action Item S2015:2 Develop a policy for accepting non-conventional seismic data into the DMC.  There would include such things as Strong Motion data, volcanological data, high-rate GPS data, infrasound, non-EarthScope MT etc.
Responsible: DSSC
Status: To be discussed at the Fall2015 DSSC meeting
Action Item S2015:6 Send draft of SRL article on MUSTANG to the DSSC for Review when draft is ready
Responsibility: Ahern
Status: MUSTANG is now mature enough for this to be started.

Fall 2015 DSSC Action Items

Action Item: F2015:1 Make sure the current DPWG and QAWG membership is updated on IRIS webpage after BoD approval for QAWG
Responsible: Trabant and Casey
Action Item: F2015:2 DSSC will adopt the PASSCAL style web pages. All committee members should review the PASSCAL pages and send a photo, bullets with their research interests, and a link to their personal web page to Tim.
Responsible: Ahern and Members
Action Item: F2015:3
Distribute the list of International Activities the DS is engaged in to COCOM.
Responsible: Ahern and Gaherty
Status: This is in the binder for the Fall Cocom Meeting
Action Item: F2015:4 Explore the possibilities of working with LLNL to host a coordination meeting of the Central Asian Countries in Azerbajan.
Responsible: Ahern and Gok
Action Item: F2015:5 Identify a group of key people from IRIS and UNAVCO science communities to bring together at AGU. The purpose is to discuss ways to get GPS derived displacement data available through services and methods used by the seismological community.  Bill will establish the members.  Ahern will find a place and time for the meeting once Bill identifies the people to be included.
Responsible:  Barnhart and Ahern.
Action Item: F2015:6 Roman will push the funding issue for current and historical data with network operators. Including volcano observatory as well as seismic data.
Responsible:  Roman.

Action Item: F2015:7 Implement a metric for dead channels (dead/live) for GSN
Responsible: Ahern and Casey
Action Item: F2015:8 Provide Andy Nyblade / BoD estimates on data volume and cost for absorbing USGS strong motion and VHP data.
Responsible: Ahern, Gaherty, and Roman
Action Item: F2015:9 Create a public user help forum for SeisComp3 similar to SAC (this should be coordinated through GEMPA).  This can be done as a Message Center Topic.
Responsible: Ahern and Adam Clark
Action Item: F2015:10 Related to the LDTD Data Policy Check that it is clear that the cost is a one-time cost and not per/year.  Put in both the main text and in the table caption for those who skim-read. In document on the last page, in the third bullet point change ‘50’ to ‘100’ to be consistent with the above change.
Responsible: Ahern
Action Item: F2015:11 Regarding the possibility of archiving strong motion data at the IRIS DMC.

  • Ahern re-establish conversation with NSF Engineering program officer.  
  • Gather relevant metadata about US strong motion stations that might be of interest to researchers.   What are the numbers use these as a first step to explore new funding sources.  Look at ANSS siting plans. How much of the strong motion data is already at the DMC (i.e., Utah and UW already at the DMC) and who is hosting the data elsewhere (i.e., southern California is stored at SCEC).

Responsible: Ahern
Action Item: F2015:12 When information about strong motion stations in F2105:11 is available then draft a strong motion data policy, which will include items such as how much resources/efforts will be required to manage the data, what is the scientific usefulness (need to consider both seismologist and engineers). Use previous policies (passive and large N) to help structure this document.  Start with ground motion data policy (short period, strong motion) and maybe down the road other data might be included in this policy.
Responsible: Ahern , Gaherty, with input from Roman and Aster, Monica Kohler might assist with how to loop in SCEC.
Action Item: F2015:13 Next time Tim is in DC he will meet with Greg Anderson to discuss how to put cost estimates together in preparation for a meeting with other Federal Agencies for potential support for data management.
Responsible: Ahern
Action Item: F2015:14 After Carl completes the names and interest in HPC for each of the proposed members, this list of names will be presented to the  BoD for approval.
Responsible: Ahern
Action Item: F2015:15 Investigate possible new DSSC chairs to be recommended to the BoD after Jim’s term expires next year.  
Responsible: Ahern
Action Item: F2015:16 Take new committee member list recommended by DSSC to CoComm.
Responsible: Roman, Ahern, Gaherty
Action Item: F2015:17 Doodle poll for the next meeting site/date
Responsible: Ahern and Gaherty
Status: Doodle poll established.

Brief Meeting Summary

The DSSC reviewed and approved the minutes and action items from the 2015 DSSC spring meeting.  The action items will be posted on the IRIS Governance page.

Discussion took place regarding how IRIS Data Services should approach the capture of older historical data.  There was broad interest in capturing historical data that is not currently in a digital form.  The DSSC will investigate funding possibilities for such an effort.

Previous Action Items were discussed and updated accordingly.  Action items are available on the DSSC governance page.

Reports were presented and discussed from the PASSCAL Instrument Center, the ASL DCC, and the IDA DCC.  DSSC working group reports were also provided for the DSSC and chairs of the Working Group participated in the conversation. Reports from the three DMC Deputy Directors and the DS Director were presented and discussed.

DSSC supported the transition to the new IRIS Message Center and to move away from the bulkmail system that tends to be dominated by job advertisements and sessions at scientific meetings.

The DSSC discussed the use of any carryover left to fund targeted projects or acquire equipment as needed.  DSSC considered small RFPs for MUSTANG Client development or increased support for ph5 development.

IRIS DSSC policies were reviewed. The LDTD policy was modified only slightly to add clarity.  The Passive source policy was redone to address BoD guidance. The Passive Source policy will be taken to the BoD for consideration.

There was a discussion of managing strong motion data at the DMC and the DSSC should consider adding someone with strong motion expertise on the DSSC in the future.

The DSSC had the SAGE Program Officer join us for a variety of topics. It was recommended that the DS Director should meet with the NSF SAGE program officer when next in DC to discuss DSSC policies and implications within the NSF.  The meeting should include potential other sources of funding to support data management for other federal agencies.

The DSSC recommends forming a Working Group on High Performance Computing and specifically for the integration of Big Data with HPC.

The DSSC made recommendations as to new members of the DSSC as three members of the current committee have completed their terms of service. These recommendations will be taken to the BoD for consideration.