Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

April 2015

Previous DSSC Action Items

Action Item S2012:1 from Spring 2012. QCN data. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jesse in terms of two pilot projects.
Previous Responsible: Koper
Responsibility: shifted to Ahern at Fall2013 Meeting

Action Item F2013:7: When MUSTANG is ready, have the DMC MUSTANG team write an SRL article.
Responsible: Casey and the MUSTANG Team at the DMC
related to S2015:6

Action Item F2013:18: Get list of LLNL metrics they generate on IRIS data. Investigate how to populate MUSTANG with LLNL metrics as needed.
Responsibility: Gok/Ahern

Action Item S2014:12 Explore Potential partnerships with Big Data Projects (e.g. UW).
Responsibility: Ahern and DSSC

Action Item S2014:15 Initiate a conversation with SRL board, and others, regarding access by outside investigators (especially early career and non- standard applications) to restricted data sets from various PIs.
Status: Unknown

Action Item S2014:20 Develop a list of Data Services involvement in International activities. This should also include information regarding international networks supported by the DMC by category of networks.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:22 Gok will create a document outlining LLNL International activities and how they can be coordinated with IRIS DS activities.
Responsibility: Gok

Action Item F2014:3 Rick to send a note to Zhigang to explore highlighting in his ‘letter from the SRL editor’ promoting data from new experiments and potential collaborations and synergies.  
Responsible: Aster

Action Item F2014:4 Include more information about new data and new experiments in the IRIS newsletter.  There is no one assigned person to do this at this time.  Maybe the executive team at IRIS can have this conversation about what the best way to do this. Keep in mind student protection issues. A PASSCAL database exists but may be underutilized, again need to be visible via Google.  How can we do a better way of accessing our data sets (newly derestricted or currently restricted).
Responsible: Ahern/Gaherty

Action Item F2104:9  Make displacement data available to seismologists in formats and through methods familiar to IRIS seismologists. Consider writing a letter from the DSSC to UNAVCO expressing an interest to come up with a mutually agreeable solution to providing displacement data in a usable format for seismologists.
Responsible: Ahern, Gaherty with help from UNAVCO and Barnhart

Action Item F2014:11 Carl will work with Ray Willeman and work to include DS concerns and wishes into the RCN (Research Coordination Network) proposal that Ray Willemann is working on along with Jeroen Tromp, Louise Kellogg, and Tom Jordan. Inform Board that Carl is liaison with Data Services in this effort.
Responsible: Tape

Action Item F2014:21: DSSC recommends a high-level discussion on archiving and distributing strong-motion data between IRIS and USGS at the BoD level. Take to the CoCom and BoD.
Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern

Spring 2015 DSSC Action Items

Action Item S2015:1 CoCom encourage Board to approve new QAWG and DPWG nominees so they can be contacted. Nominees are Samantha Hansen, Steve Roecker, Ryan Porter, Ken Dueker.
Responsibility: Gaherty & Ahern

Action Item S2015:2 Develop a policy for accepting non-conventional seismic data into the DMC.  There would include such things as Strong Motion data, volcanological data, high-rate GPS data, etc.

Action Item S2015:3 Add list of GPS data centers provided by Bill Barnhart (F2014:10) to the appropriate list of data centers on the IRIS web site.
Responsibility: Newman

Action Item S2015:4  Send an email to DSSC members as to how to signup up for the message center.
Responsibility: Newman

Action Item S2015:5 In preparation for CoCom produce a

  • 1-2 page impact statement related to flat funding of DS as enumerated in the DSSC minutes
  • List of Foundational Services from a DS Perspective
  • List of Frontier Services from a DS Perspective
  • Updated Rescoping Plan
  • Examples of Integration of efforts across IRIS Programs from a DS Perspective

Responsibility: Gaherty and Ahern

Action Item S2015:6 Send draft of SRL article on MUSTANG to the DSSC for Review when draft is ready
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2015:7 Dan M to send QAQG report to Tim when it is ready. Tim will distribute to DSSC.
Responsible: Dan McNamara

Action Item S2015:8 Send report of MUSTANG network evaluation related to the Bogota Challenge to Dan.  This relates to the _LACSN virtual network.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item S2015:9 Verify that the quarterly emails that are sent to those receiving data from the DMC for that quarter includes the citation guidelines and is modified to include the DOI references.
Responsibility: Newman and Ahern

Action Item S2015:10 Determine the ratio of short period to broadband data shipped from the DMC for Identified US Regional Networks. Report to the DSSC.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2015:11 Report on past conversations between USGS and the NSF about funding availability for data management of regional network data.
Responsibility: Roman

Action Item S2015:12 Amend passive source data acceptance policy after final LDTD policy is reviewed by the BoD
Responsibility: Ahern & Gaherty

Brief Meeting Summary

The Fall DSSC took place at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York on April 2-3, 2015. Five members participated in person, 2 members participated for the entire meeting via videoconference and two members had other obligations and did not participate in the meeting.

The status of Action Items from the previous DSSC meeting was presented and discussed. ([url=][/url])

Several projects to improve efficiencies of the DMC were discussed and endorsed by the DSSC. These included the preproduction of M quality data to be stored in the DMC RAID systems instead of doing it dynamically as it is currently done. Additional projects related to the development of a new way to index the archive was discussed as well as an update on the progress toward the elimination of Oracle from DMC operations.

ACTION ITEM: The DSSC endorses the concept of creating an M or best version of waveforms for the IRIS RAID systems to reduce the processing overhead in the current system. All original data will be retained for later reprocessing if problems are discovered and all current business rules will remain in place such as IDA M data will only contain data that has gone through IDA Quality Control once the Q version is available.

A discussion related to rescoping the DS budget to meet a decreasing budget. The rescoping plan was endorsed.

The DSSC discussed a policy to manage Large-N datasets and this resulted forwarding a data policy to the IRIS BoD for consideration. The Large Data Temporary Deployment Data Policy (LTDT) was finalized by the DSSC and forwarded to the board.

A discussion took place about a DS project that will begin in SAGE Year 3, and the Research Ready Data Sets (RRDS) concept was supported. This effort will allow pre-filtering of data at the DMC that meets a requestor’s constraints based upon MUSTANG metrics.

The DSSC was briefed on the progress made within the FDSN related to the generation of DOIs for seismic networks. This effort can be viewed on the FDSN pages found at [url=][/url] .

The DSSC was updated on the concept of Federation of FDSN Data Centers and IRIS’ efforts on developing a federated system that would be further discussed at the FDSN meetings to be held in conjunction with the IUGG in Prague in 2015. More information can be found at [url=][/url]

The DSSC was also briefed on the development of a new Message Center being developed at the DMC to better communicate with the users of IRIS broadly but specifically the DMC. This system will allow users to better select the threads of information they are interested in.

A status report from the IRIS Director of Data Services was presented. This was followed by reports from DS nodes including IDA DCC, ASL DCC, the PIC, a report from the IDA DCC, a report from ASL, and a report from the PIC.

The DSSC had a telephone conversation with the SAGE NSF Program Director, Gerg Anderson. Greg was briefed on the LTDT policy concept. Greg commented on the PREEVENTS initiative within NSF and stated he did not see this as potential funding to augment activities of IRIS DS.

Reports from the QA working group and the Data Products working group were presented.

The DSSC spent considerable time identifying those things they felt were IRIS DS Foundational facilities and services as well as things they felt were frontier areas of efforts that should be pursued by IRIS DS. Integration across IRIS directorates was also discussed in areas where cooperation was at a high level.

Action Item: Prepare a 1 page budget rescoping impact statement.

Discussions related to the impact of regional network data on the IRIS DMC took place and requests for more information concerning this were articulated.

A SAGE Year 3 budget was presented and discussed by the DSSC.

Action Item: The DSSC recommended forwarding the proposed budget to the IRIS BoD for consideration as presented.