Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2014

Previous DSSC Action Items

Action Item S2012:1 (from Spring 2012): QCN data. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.
Previous Responsible: Koper
Responsibility: shifted to Ahern at Fall 2013 Meeting

Action Item S2013:11: DMC web services should define a few (~5) standard instrument responses to which the ws-timeseries will deconvolve data.
Responsible: Dueker, Trabant, and Aster

Action Item F2013:7: When MUSTANG is ready, have the DMC MUSTANG team write an SRL article.
Responsible: Casey and the MUSTANG Team at the DMC

Action Item F2013:18: Get list of LLNL metrics they generate on IRIS data. Investigate how to populate MUSTANG with LLNL metrics as needed.
Responsibility: Gok/Ahern

Action Item S2014:1: DMC to hold publication-dependent supplementary data, treated as data product. This is an experiment for the EPSL USArray special issue. This process amounts to an unfunded task that benefits for-profit journals at IRIS’s cost - is this desirable? DSSC believes this should be taken to the COCOM for discussion.
Responsibility: Aster

Action Item S2014:4: Encourage PIs to submit funding for data product development as part of NSF Broader Impacts portion under Education and Outreach.
Responsibility: Ahern and DPWG

Action Item S2014:7: Consider coming up with a test velocity model data set that can be tested for collaboration between IRIS/SCEC
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:12: Explore Potential partnerships with Big Data Projects (e.g. UW).
Responsibility: Ahern and DSSC

Action Item S2014:15: Initiate a conversation with SRL board, and others, regarding access by outside investigators (especially early career and non- standard applications) to restricted data sets from various PIs.
Responsibility: Aster

Action Item S2014:20: Develop a list of Data Services involvement in International activities. This should also include information regarding international networks supported by the DMC by category of networks.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:22: Gok will create a document outlining LLNL International activities and how they can be coordinated with IRIS DS activities.
Responsibility: Gok

Fall 2014 DSSC Action Items

Action Item: F2014:0: Minutes and Action Items from Spring 2014 meeting were approved.

Action Item F2014:1: Anyone on an IRIS committee should get the IRIS electronic newsletter pushed to them.
Responsible: Woolley

Action Item F2014:2: DSSC recommends BoD should revisit strategic partnership with SCEC. The IRIS board needs to capture this in terms of what is going on at the SCEC leadership level. Need to discuss multi-lateral collaborations.
Responsible: Gaherty/Aster

Action Item F2014:3: Rick to send a note to Zhigang to explore highlighting in his ‘letter from the SRL editor’ promoting data from new experiments and potential collaborations and synergies.
Responsible: Aster

Action Item F2014:4: Include more information about new data and new experiments in the IRIS newsletter. There is no one assigned person to do this at this time. Maybe the executive team at IRIS can have this conversation about what the best way to do this. Keep in mind student protection issues. A PASSCAL database exists but may be underutilized, again need to be visible via Google. How can we do a better way of accessing our data sets (newly derestricted or currently restricted).
Responsible: Woolley (Gaherty to detail what is desired)

Action Item F2014:5: DS to work with IS to produce a policy regarding DMC costs associated with initial large N archiving and managing. The basic idea is that proposals should support the cost of archiving the initial data when the data volume is large. It should also capture the need for better coordination between IS/PASSCAL and DS so no one is surprised when large data starts arriving. Bring this up at next CoCom.
Responsible: Ahern/Gaherty

Action Item F2014:6: Tim will contact the SCEC group to discuss FDSN web services compliance. Vera had noted differences from other FDSN services. Vera will help provide names of whom she has collaborated with.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2014:7: Chad will post data product shipments plots on the IRIS web site and update them monthly. Greg Anderson will be notified as well as Goran Ekstrom and Meredith Nettles (global CMT).
Responsible: Trabant

Action Item F2014:8: Report on what Ringler is finding in comparison of DQA and MUSTANG, Ringler is writing a paper now.
Responsible: McNamara

Action Item F2104:9: Make displacement data available to seismologists in formats and through methods familiar to IRIS seismologists. Consider writing a letter from the DSSC to UNAVCO expressing an interest to come up with a mutually agreeable solution to providing displacement data in a usable format for seismologists.
Responsible: Ahern, Gaherty with help from UNAVCO and Barnhart

Action Item F2014:10: Bill will provide a table of high-rate GPS data sources including, who, what, sampling rate, main contact person, contact persons email address, dates of operation, type of data storage (i.e., text file etc.)
Responsible: Barnhart

Action Item F2014:11: Carl will work with Ray Willeman and work to include DS concerns and wishes into the RCN (Research Coordination Network) proposal that Ray Willemann is working on along with Jeroen Tromp, Louise Kellogg, and Tom Jordan. Inform Board that Carl is liaison with Data Services in this effort.
Responsible: Tape

Action Item F2014:12: Dan will send specific feedback on Mustang to Rob Casey and Tim.
Responsible: McNamara

Action Item F2014:13: Recommend candidates for new QAWG members. As MUSTANG matures it is important to move from a facility centered to a scientist/PI- centered membership. Move from facility-centered to scientist/PI-centered QAWG.
Responsible: Gaherty

Action Item F2014:14: DPWG Membership, three people need to be replaced, Gavin Hayes, Rengin Gok, and Graham Kent. A list of names to take to COCOM was discussed and will be taken to CoCom.
Responsible: Gaherty

Action Item F2014:15: Consider sending a note to the board that the committee supports the idea of an outside advisory board to IRIS (i.e. include IT professionals and other key personnel). Advisory board should be IRIS-wide, not one for every separate committee. Tim to fold this information into and update the SAP document. With that modification the SAP was approved by DSSC.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2014:16: The DSSC approved the Data Provider Agreement.

Action Item F2014:17: Refresh the Data Acceptance Policy - Add in some text such as “This document will be reviewed and updated annually at spring DSSC
meeting”. Consider having versioning with the full year and date, such as Policy Version 2014.09.30 included on the policy. Create a website that has the most recent data policy in effect posted. Add page numbers in the footer that also include the policy version number. Place the official Policy Version website someplace in the policy document.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2014:18: The DSSC endorses the concept of creating an M or best version of waveforms for storage in the IRIS RAID systems to reduce the processing overhead in the current system. All original data will be retained for later reprocessing if problems are discovered and all current business rules will remain in place such as IDA M data will only contain data that has gone through IDA Quality Control once the Q version is available.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2014:19: Consult F. Vernon and Jeff McGuire before drafting a letter from IRIS as a whole on OOI Regional Scale Nodes data issues. IRIS can help review data quality and make the data available to the seismological community. We could retain the data as restricted if that is what Ocean Leadership and NSF desire but it should be available to MUSTANG and to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.
Responsible: Gaherty/Ahern

Action Item F2014:20: Move the DSSC rescoping plan forward to Cocom and the BoD as discussed in the executive session of the DSSC.
Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern

Action Item F2014:21: DSSC recommends a high-level discussion on archiving and distributing strong-motion data between IRIS and USGS at the BoD level. Take to the CoCom and BoD.
Responsible: Gaherty and Ahern

Action Item F2014:22: Take a list of recommendation for new DSSC members to CoCom. Also take a list of rotations and new members for the DPWG and the QAWG to COCOM.
Responsible: Gaherty