Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2014

Action Items

Spring 2014 DMSSC Meeting
March 20-21, 2014

Previous Action Items:

Action Item S2012:1 from Spring 2012. QCN data. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.
Previous Responsible: Koper
Status: Conversion of SAC to SEED in process. Working on the metadata to represent the sensors being lead by Adam Ringler. So progress continues.
Responsibility: Shifted to Ahern at Fall2013 Meeting

Action Item S2013:3: IRIS should draft a policy on how IRIS populates its committees. This could include diversity issues.
Responsible: Aster will take to COCOM

Action Item S2013:6: Invite a geodetic scientist to act as an observer at Fall DMSSC meetings. Possible names are in minutes.
Responsible: Mike Brudzinski, shifted to Aster and Ahern at Spring 2014 meeting.

Action Item S2013:8: Investigate how IRIS data is used among early career scientists and what is the impact of IRIS.
Responsible: Aster to discuss this with Taber

Action Item S2013:11: DMC web services should define a few (~5) standard instrument responses to which the ws-timeseries will deconvolve data.
Responsible: Dueker, Trabant, and Aster

Action Item F2013:3: Establish conversation with UNAVCO to get GPS derived displacement time series into miniSeed and into the DMC with standard access mechanisms
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2013:7: When MUSTANG is ready, have the DMC MUSTANG team write an SRL article.
Responsible: Casey and the MUSTANG Team at the DMC

Action Item F2013:11: Pursue ways to enhance collaborations between LLNL and IRIS in the area of cycles close to data. Identify synergistic products between LLNL and IRIS that can serve as examples for future projects.
Responsible: Gok

Action Item F2013:12: Explore other collaborations that could fund additional Auxiliary Data Centers:
Responsible: DMSSC

Action Item F2013:13: Develop some demonstration project that shows the power of the LLNL-IRIS collaboration with cycles close to data. For instance inserting LLNL derived QA metrics into MUSTANG are beam forming TA data.
Responsible: Gok/Ahern

Action Item F2013:15: Develop DOIs for products at the DMC but after the current DOIs for networks are completed.
Responsible: Chad and Adam at the DMC

Action Item F2013:18: Get list of LLNL metrics they generate on IRIS data. Investigate how to populate MUSTANG with LLNL metrics as needed.
Responsibility: Gok/Ahern

New Action Items from Spring 2014 DMSSC Meeting:

Action Item S2014:1 DMC to hold publication-dependent supplementary data, treated as data product. This is an experiment for the EPSL USArray special issue. This process amounts to an unfunded task that benefits for-profit journals at IRIS’s cost - is this desirable? DMSSC believes this should be taken to the COCOM for discussion.
Responsibillity: Aster

Action Item S2014:2 The new Communications Hub being developed within Data Services may be an opportunity to ask some key questions about our user community. Key questions should be identified and included as part of the user profile.
Responsibility: DMSSC send Tim key questions to include and DMC will incorporate them into the user profile portion of the Communications Hub

Action Item S2014:3 Investigate event driven prioritization where products for large magnitude events have slightly increased latency to capture more data going into product.
Responsibility: Trabant and DPWG

Action Item S2014:4 Encourage PIs to submit funding for data product development as part of NSF Broader Impacts portion under Education and Outreach.
Responsibility: Ahern and DPWG

Action Item S2014:5 Bring up lack of External Data Product PI award funding from Data Services with Greg Anderson.
Responsibility: Aster

Action Item S2014:6 Bring up formal collaboration between IRS and SCEC at the COCOM.
Responsibility: Aster

Action Item S2014:7 Consider coming up with a test velocity model data set that can be tested for collaboration between IRIS/SCEC
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:8 Aster will rework text at bottom of page 5 for SAP6 and send to Tim to make an updated version of this specific Strategic Action Plan.
Responsibility: Aster and Ahern

Action Item S2014:9 Identify a list of international and national data providers and estimate the potential impact on financial support that might be available.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:10 Modify the Data Acceptance Policy to emphasize the focus of supporting resources for data sharing in the developing world. The document needs some revision work and should not yet be distributed more broadly. Re-evaluate and if completed distribute to COCOM.
Responsibility: Aster and Ahern will redraft and circulate to the DMSSC

Action Item S2014:11 Discuss with Greg Anderson a list of high need projects that need funding beyond anticipated SAGE support. These include adding a programmer/developer at DMC, restoration of funding for data product awards, facilitating better connections with HPC centers (e.g. LLNL and SCEC)
Responsibility: DMSSC

Action Item S2014:12 Explore Potential partnerships with Big Data Projects (e.g. UW).
Responsibility: Ahern and DMSSC

Action Item S2014:13 Update the Strategic Action Plan regarding the Technical Advisory Board SAP 6. Incorporate into the SAP document.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:14 Keep Greg Anderson in the loop on relevant DS activities
Responsibility: DMSSC

Action Item S2014:15 Initiate a conversation with SRL board, and others, regarding access by outside investigators (especially early career and non- standard applications) to restricted data sets from various PIs.
Responsibility: Aster

Action Item S2014:16 Ask Board for input regarding questions associated with IRIS User Registration in the Communications Hub. Motivation is to help position ourselves for 2018 recompetition.
Responsibiity: Brodsky

Action Item S2014:17 Consider creating an ‘info-graphic” to better explain IRIS. Debi has a talented graphics illustrator who can help with this if she is given the content and a general straw man to work with.
Responsibility: Kilb

Action Item S2014:18 Create 1-2 simple slides that have impact showing the value of Data Services to take to the May 14-15, 2014 BoD meeting.
Responsibility: Aster

Action Item S2014:19 Develop a list of priorities in order of importance of things that are not included in the DS budget. With a running total showing the impact of reduced and increased funding.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:20 Develop a list of Data Services involvement in International activities. This should also include information regarding international networks supported by the DMC by category of networks.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:21 Identify one Data Services Metric to bring forward to the Cocom. The described DMC data accessibility metric (uptime) was supported by the DMSSC.
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item S2014:22 Gok will create a document outlining LLNL International activities and how they can be coordinated with IRIS DS activities.
Responsibility: Gok

Action Item S2014:23 Develop DS suggestions for Special Interest Group (SIGs) at the IRIS workshop.

  • Uncertainties and non-uniqueness of velocity models. Responsible Dueker and Aster
  • HPC activities in US seismology Responsible: Tape and Gok
  • DS and EPO support for Early Career Scientists Responsible: Ahern and Taber

Responsible: DMSSC