Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2013

Action Items

Fall 2013 DMSSC Meeting
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
October 8-9, 2013

Previous Action Items:

Action Item S2012:1 from Spring 2012. QCN data. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.
Previous Responsible: Koper
Responsibility: shifted to Ahern at this Meeting

Action Item F2012:3: Can we develop new language to enable IMS data release to the DMC via AFTAC/NEIC?
Responsible: McNamara

Action Item F2012:7: Establish a working group on QA systems with cross program representation. New metrics.
Responsibility: Populate QAWG – Ahern & Aster

Action Item S2013:3: IRIS should draft a policy on how IRIS populates its committees. This could include diversity issues.
Responsible: Aster will take to COCOM

Action Item S2013:6: Invite a geodetic scientist to act as an observer at Fall DMSSC meetings. Possible names are in minutes.
Responsible: Mike Brudzinski

Action Item S2013:8: Investigate how IRIS data is used among early career scientists and what is the impact of IRIS.
Responsible: Aster to discuss this with Taber

Action Item S2013:11: DMC web services should define a few (~5) standard instrument responses to which the ws-timeseries will deconvolve data.
Responsible: Duecker, Trabant, and Aster

New Action Items from Fall 2013 Meeting

Action Item F2013:1: Continue dialogue with CTBTO regarding IRIS access to IMS data through a blanket agreement
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2013:2: Suggest names for new members of the DPWG. Possible names are in the minutes. Three to four names are needed.
Responsible: Brudzinski

Action Item F2013:3: Establish conversation with UNAVCO to get GPS derived displacement time series into miniSeed and into the DMC with standard access mechanisms
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2013:4: Determine what percentage of data products were developed without funding assistance from IRIS
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2013:5: Communicate with the DPWG about a DPWG meeting at AGU on Wednesday during Lunch.
Responsible: Brudzinski

Action Item F2013:6: Focus on completing MUSTANG metrics for the _GSN virtual network. When complete begin serious beta testing by outside groups.
Responsible: Casey and Ahern

Action Item F2013:7: When MUSTANG is ready have the DMC MUSTANG team write an SRL article.
Responsible: Casey and the MUSTANG Team at the DMC

Action Item F2013:8: Discuss the formation of the QAWG at the upcoming COCOM and BoD meetings to establish this group. Ask Dan McNamara if he is willing to chair this group initially.
Responsible: Aster & Ahern

Action Item F2013:9: Consider adding focal mechanisms to the IEB 3D display. Contact Taber to see if they will consider this.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2013:10: Continue development of DOIs in unison with the FDSN and the Europeans.
Responsible: Ahern and Clark

Action Item F2013:11: Pursue ways to enhance collaborations between LLNL and IRIS in the area of cycles close to data. Identify synergistic products between LLNL and IRIS that can serve as examples for future projects.
Responsible: Gok

Action Item F2013:12: Explore other collaborations that could fund additional Auxiliary Data Centers.
Responsible: DMSSC

Action Item F2013:13: Develop some demonstration project that shows the power of the LLNL-IRIS collaboration with cycles close to data. For instance inserting LLNL derived QA metrics into MUSTANG are beam forming TA data.
Responsible: Gok/Ahern

Action Item F2013:14: Contact Microsoft Research and promote the idea of bulk time series running in the MS Azure Cloud. Data to come from the DMC, processing to be done in Azure and final product delivered to data requester.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item F2013:15: Develop DOIs for products at the DMC but after the current DOIs for networks are completed.
Responsible: Chad and Adam at the DMC

Action Item F2013:16: Add link to Alex’s Webinar on the IRIS Data Products page.
Responsible: Newman

Action Item F2013:17: Send list to Emily of DS items to highlight at the AGU Booth or at the Pre-AGU short course. These include:

  • New products.

  • Web-services and highlights for returning processed data (rotation, deconvolved, down-sampling, etc).

  • Highlight data services, we are not just a data archive.

  • IEB (IRIS Earthquake Browser) illustrating 3D viewing of catalog data.

  • jWeed



  • The deprecation of rdseed and other items.

  • Describe web services in a more “graduate student can understand’ way. One example: "Incorporating IRIS data resources into your workflow”.

Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item F2013:18: Get list of LLNL metrics they generate on IRIS data. Investigate how to populate MUSTANG with LLNL metrics as needed.
Responsibility: Gok/Ahern

Action Item F2013:19: If a new EarthCube call is announced, IRIS DS should be prepared to respond to it.
Responsibility: Ahern/Aster

Action Item F2013:20: Update the Data Provider Agreement to include a statement such as “IRIS will not handle restricted data unless a clearly defined release date not exceeding 3 years is identified.”
Responsibility: Ahern

Action Item F2013:21: Hold discussions with IRIS FS to insure that it is not problematic for IRIS to accept financial support from networks for managing their data.
Responsible: Ahern/Shin

Action Item F2013:22: At the next DPWG meeting at AGU, Mike will clarify the issues related to conflict of interest when considering DPWG members and the product submission process so there’s no perceived favoritism.
Responsible: Brudzinski