Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2013

Action Items

Spring 2013 DMSSC Meeting
UC Boulder
March 20-21, 2013

Carryover Action Items

Previous Action Item #1 from Spring 2012. QCN data. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.
Responsible: Koper
Status: Conversion of SAC to SEED in process. Working on the metadata to represent the sensors being lead by Adam Ringler. So progress continues.

Previous Action Item 1 from Fall 2012: Make IRIS Wide PIFs available for governance committees. Take this up through the IRIS SMT.
Responsible: Ahern
Status: Ahern brought this to the SMT, a system to manage this has been developed but it has not yet been populated.

Previous Action Item 2 from Fall 2012: Contact AFTAC to see if all AFTAC Arrays on US territory can be made available to IRIS. We believe there are two more arrays in Alaska, in CMAR Thailand, and KSRS in Korea, Infrasound array in Antarctica.
Responsible: Ahern
Status: Email was sent to AFTAC regarding this issue.

Previous Action Item 3 from Fall 2012: Can we develop new language to enable IMS data release to the DMC via AFTAC/NEIC?
Responsible: McNamara
Status: Unknown

Previous Action Item 5 from Fall 2012: Recommend 3 new DPWG members 3-year term
Responsible: DMSSC with Chad and Rick Aster followup
Status: DMSSC identified the following new members. They are:

  • Benoit Pirenne (Neptune Canada)
  • Sam Hansen (U of Alabama)
  • Chuck Ammon (Penn State)
  • Graham Kent (UN Reno)
  • Kurt Schwehr (Google) as observer

Previous Action Item 7 from Fall 2012: Establish a working group on QA systems with cross program representation. New metrics.
Status: Issue will be raised at the Fall Cocom meeting. The group has not yet been formed.

Responsibility: Develop a Charge - McNamara and Casey
Charge should include at least
GOAL is to improve the overall quality of all network data entering the IRIS DMC.

  • Definition of Data Quality
  • Definition of needed metrics.
  • Assessment of usefulness of metrics
  • Identification of possible new metrics
  • Attributes of visualization client
  • State of art of quality assessment
  • Methods of interacting with networks
  • Promotion of standardized QA within FDSN
  • Scientific overlap with QA efforts, how does the community make use of the metrics
  • Feedback into the request mechanisms

Responsibility: Populate QAWG – Ahern & Aster
Potential Members

  • GSN (Pete Davis, Adam Ringler)
  • Meredith Nettles or Goran Ekstrom
  • PASSCAL Representative
  • US Regional Networks Withers or Bodin
  • International (Michelini, Cote, Clinton)
  • At large

Previous Action Item 8 from Fall 2012: PIF development for MUSTANG-lite.
Responsible: Ahern, Anderson, Gridley
Status: No action at this time

New Action Items from Spring 2013

Action Item 1: Work with NEIC to see if they will support FDSN Event web services and allow IRIS DMC to end distribution of NEIC event information. We can do this if NEIC provides event data consistent with FDSN web service standards.
Responsible: McNamara and Ahern

Action Item 2: Develop a DOI project plan on DOIs and distribute to DMSSC for review. DMC staff should continue working on the implementation of DOIs for DMC data sets and products.
Responsible: Casey and Clark

Action Item 3: IRIS should draft a policy on how IRIS populates its committees. This could include diversity issues.
Responsible: Aster will take to COCOM

Action Item 4: IRIS DMS should develop the business rules to help govern what data sets are accepted by the DMC. In other words develop a decision tree to guide how new data sets are accepted.
Responsible: Ahern and DMSSC

Action Item 5: DMSSC recommendations regarding the External Review Panel (ERP).
Responsibility: DMSSC
Status: DMSSC recommendations are attached to the end of the DMS Spring 2013 meeting.

Action Item 6: Invite a geodetic scientist to act as an observer at Fall DMSSC meetings. Possible names are in minutes.
Responsible: Mike Brudzinski

Action Item 7: DMSSC endorses spend down plan as presented. DMC should acquire the hardware for the replicated data center as soon as details with potential hosts are resolved.
Responsible: Ahern and Aster

Action Item 8: Investigate how IRIS data is used among early career scientists and what is the impact of IRIS.
Responsible: Aster to discuss this with Taber

Action Item 9: DMSSC endorses the submission of an EarthCube building blocks proposal lead by IRIS DS.
Responsible: Ahern will keep DMSSC informed.

Action Item 10: The DMSSC appointed Mike Brudzinski as the Vice Chair of the DMSSC.

Action Item 11: DMC web services should define a few (~5) standard instrument responses to which the ws-timeseries will deconvolve data.
Responsible: Duecker, Trabant, and Aster