Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

April 2012

Action Items

2012 Spring DMSSC Meeting
April 2-3, 2012
IRIS DMC, Seattle, WA

Carryover Action Items

Action Item 1 (Previous Action Item #1): Develop a plan to initiate a pilot project to archive and distribute QCN data.  Send to DMSSC for comments.  Koper will work with Elizbeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.
Responsible: Koper

Action Item 2 (Previous Action Item #3): Mike Brudzinski will talk to Bill Hammond (PBOAC chair) to identify a PBO representative to DPWG.
Responsible: Brudzinski
Status: Unknown, note that a new PBO Data Products Manager was selected. 

Action Item 3 (Previous Action Item #6): DMS should begin development of a DOI system for data and software. Responsible: Casey
Status: Work has just started on this. We intend to follow the UNAVCO approach. 

Action Item 4 (Previous Action Item #9): Recommend to FDSN to add station orientation and sensitivity uncertainty to StationXML.
Responsible: Ahern
Status: This has not been done at this time. We will continue to pursue this as FDSNStationXML evolves. 

New Action Items

Action Item 5: DPWG should consider a PI-contributed arrival time pick product (suggested by Vera); 
Responsible: Keith and the DPWG

Action Item 6: Augment document (Binder Item F5) in conjunction with Tim. This is a document that identifies pan-IRIS connections Data Services has with other directorates and programs within IRIS.
Responsible: Aster