Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2011

Action Items

2011 Fall DMSSC Meeting
October 25-26, 2011
NEIC, Golden, Colorado

Action Item 1: [Previous Action Item #2]. Develop a plan to initiate a pilot project to archive and distribute QCN data. Send to DMSSC for comments. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.
Responsible: Koper
Status: Unknown

Action Item 2: [Previous Action Item #11]. Approach the head of the EarthScope Cyber Infrastructure Group (Gurnis) to send someone to serve on the DPWG to begin a rotation of the DPWG. Additionally the ESNO position should also rotate.
Responsible: Koper
Status: Lucy Flesch agreed to serve. Ahern is also ex-officio to this committee.

Action Item 3: Mike Brudzinski will talk to Bill Hammond (PBOAC chair) to identify a PBO representative to DPWG.
Responsible: Brudzinski
Status: Unknown, note that a new PBO Data Products Manager was selected.

Action Item 4: [Previous Action Item #16]. DMSSC give feedback about the DMS data access web pages. SurveyMonkey should be conducted and it should be reviewed by DMSSC. The goal is to have this ready by fall DMSSC.
Responsible: Ahern and DMSSC
Action: No action at this time.

Action Item 5: The DMSSC recommends that the main IRIS homepage "Data" -> "Request Tools" subtab is renamed to "Data Access".
Responsible: Ahern
Action: Completed on the IRIS Home Page

Action Item 6: DMS should begin development of a DOI system for data and software. Responsible: Ahern
Status: Work has just started on this. We intend to follow the UNAVCO approach.

Action Item 7: Add a disclaimer to the data product. Responsible: Trabant
Status: Complete, added a disclaimer to the SPUD interface.

Action Item 8: Write 1-2 page description to solicit potential data products and send it to the DPWG.
Responsible: Trabant
Action: Completed. The call for letters of interest was distributed to the community

Action Item 9: Recommend to FDSN to add station orientation and sensitivity uncertainty to StationXML.
Responsible: Ahern
Status: This has not been done at this time. We will continue to pursue this as StationXML evolves.

Action item 10: Establish a teleconference with GSN and other stakeholders to coordinate with QA activity and discuss how to reduce the redundant efforts. Responsible: Ahern
Status: Discussions have taken place between GSN and DMS staff and current status and coordination will also take place at the Spring 2012 GSNSC.

Action item 11: Come up with a DMS Strategic Plan done no later than by the next Spring DMSSC meeting. Development of DMS overview document that capture the history and future perspectives.
Responsible: Ahern
Status: The DMS has organized a Strategic Planning Session that will take place before the IRIS national meeting.

Action item 12: Come up with tentative names that could be recommended for the external review committee (15 so far).
Responsible: Koper
Status: We consider this complete.

Action Item 13: Koper will synthesize discussion and present to the BOD in November. Much of the discussion focused on data products (improving strategy and vision as well as particular ideas), and other topics included data mining, continuous waveform analysis/scanning, web services, dynamic quality metrics, and serving research ready data.
Responsible: Koper
Status: Complete. Presented at the Fall BoD meeting

Action Item 14: Koper will present names at BOD meeting in November. Some discussion of how previous external reviews were carried out for E&O, Passcal, and GSN.
Responsible: Koper
Action: Complete

Action Item 16: Fouch will draft a statement to be put forward by DMSSC that it does not support significant DMC effort being used to index film chip archives.
Responsible: Fouch
Status: The DMSSC recommends that continued effort on the Caltech Seismic Archive Scans must meet the criteria specified in the DMS Seismic Archive Scan Policy. The DMSSC encourages the scientific community to work directly with the DMS to complete the archiving of the Caltech scans.