Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2011

Action Items from Spring DMSSC Meeting

March 16-17, 2011

IDA DCC, La Jolla, CA


Continuing Items

Action Item 1.  Contact Greg Anderson (NSF) regarding impact on DMC of unanticipated products (e.g. EARS)

Responsible:  Ahern


Action Item 2.  Profile user community and statistics of users present at Fall 2011 DMSSC.  Characterizing our community of data recipients

Responsible: Ahern & Trabant

Status: The DMC staff is systematically generating summary files that characterizes DMC customers.  The work is not yet complete.


Action Item 3.  Develop a plan to initiate a pilot project to archive and distribute QCN data.  Send to DMSSC for comments. Koper will work with Elizabeth and Jessie in terms of two pilot projects.

Responsible: Koper


Action Item 4. Contact USGS to see if there is interest in conducting a PDCC training course during an existing ANSS meeting.

Responsible: Ahern

Status: Ahern contacted the USGS and there does not seem to be any interest in such a training course.


Action Item 5. DMS and NSF need to start a dialog regarding new data and data products that may come to DMC as a result of new NSF Data Management Plan.

Responsible: Ahern


Action Item 6. Ahern sent the list of DMC staff ideas for new capabilities to the DMSSC committee and the committee will respond with other longer term, strategic ideas the DMS should consider for future activities. DMSSC should respond by May 1, 2011.

Responsible: DMSSC

New Items

Action Item 7.  Propose to the BoD that the DMSSC  add one more person to DMSSC (going from 8 to 9), since we have only 50% attendance from committee at this meeting. We will discuss this at Fall DMSSC meeting. It will also improve the committee rotation.

Responsible: Koper


Action Item 8: Distribute the NSF Data Management Plan Requirement Bulkmail that was drafted at the last meeting.

Responsible: Ahern

Status: The bulkmail was sent near the beginning of April 2011.


Action Item 9: John Taber should be added to DPWG as an observer

Responsible: Koper


Action Item 10: Ask Paul Earle if he wants to stay on DPWG, if not, we could ask Gavin Hayes to serve.

Responsible: Koper


Action Item 11: Approach the head of the EarthScope Cyber Infrastructure Group (Gurnis) to send someone to serve on the DPWG to begin a rotation of the DPWG.  Additionally the ENO position should also rotate.

Responsible: Koper


Action Item 12: QA Coordination with USGS (Dan McNamara). Coordinate with the USGS on how to do automated data quality.  Additionally coordination is also needed in the area of  accessing data from international networks.

Responsible: Ahern

Status: This was added as a task in the FY12 DMS statement of work.  It remains to be seen if the task will be included in the approved budget.


Action Item 13: Tim agreed to distribute the SWOT and updated strategic plan to DMSSC.  The updated one has not been approved by the board. DMSSC should update the SWOT and review the previous plan. Specific attention should be paid to the Mission and Vision sections. DMSSC should respond by July 1, 2011.

Responsible: Ahern

Status: The SWOT was sent out to the DMSSC on March 31, 2011.


Action Item 14: Provide some statistics on breqfast request statistics regarding the length of time to service a breqfast request. . Ready for distribution at fall DMSSC.

Responsible: Benson


Action Item 15: DMSSC should provide input to Guidelines for Preparing Data Management Plans to use the IRIS DMC. To be responded by May 1st. Ahern will then send the wording out by bulkmail.

Responsible: DMSSC and Ahern

Status: Draft wording was approved by the PASSCAL Standing Committee. Still waiting for DMSSC input by May 1, 2011.


Action Item 16: DMSSC give feedback about the DMS data access web pages. SurveyMonkey should be conducted and it should be reviewed by DMSSC.  The goal is to have this ready by fall DMSSC.

Responsible: DMSSC and Survey Monkey by Ahern


Action Item 17: Mike Brudiski to send a paragraph about general DMSSC feedback of the web page design, especially the data access pages from the DMS.

Responsible: Brudzinski


Action Item 18: “Products” menu items on the web pages should be changed to “Data Products”

Responsible: Trabant


Action Item 19: Links to useful software products should be added to the DMC software list even though IRIS is not necessarily promising to maintain the software. 

Responsible: Trabant