Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2010

Data Management System Standing Committee Meeting

Action Items

Menlo Park, CA

October 7-8, 2010

Action Item 1:

IRIS/DOE needs to review MOU/MOA between facilities/agency regarding data use policy.

Responsible: Walter

Action Item 2:

There should be a clear distinction on IRIS web-pages between Standing Committees and other IRIS committees and ad-hoc working groups.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 3:

There was thinking that the Committee Charge needs to be reviewed and modified.  This should be referred to the BoD.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 4:

Report on data-without-metadata that has been removed from DMC holdings.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 5:

Contact Greg Anderson (NSF) regarding impact on DMC of unanticipated products (e.g. EARS)

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 6:

TAWG FAQ in IRIS knowledge base.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 7:

Monitor implementation of Digital Object Identifiers at UNAVCO and evaluate for DMS usage

Responsible: Casey

Action Item 8:

Profile user community and statistics of users.

Responsible: Ahern and Trabant

Action Item 9:

Generate document to develop plan to initiate a pilot project to archive and distribute QCN data.  Send to DMSSC for comments.

Responsible: Cochran and Trabant

Action Item 10:

Contact USGS to see if there is interest in conducting a PDCC training course during an existing ANSS meeting.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 11:

Generate an IRIS bulkmail encouraging community to think creatively about data management, including data products.  Will look at the NSF-GEO 2-pager for more specific examples that relate to the seismological community.

Responsible:  Fouch/Ritzwoller/Ahern

Action Item 12:

Draft RFP for product development proposals and distribute to DMSSC & USAAC for review.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 13:

DMS and NSF need to start a dialog regarding new data and data products that may come to DMC as a result of new NSF Data Management Plan.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 14:

Ahern will send the list of DMC staff ideas for new capabilities to the DMSSC committee and the committee will respond with other longer term, strategic ideas the DMS should consider for future activities.

Responsible:  DMSSC