Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2010

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Action Items

Washington University

St. Louis, Missouri

March, 2010


Action Item 1:

Include the charges to the standing committee in future meeting binders.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 2: (repeated)

Produce an EOS article by the next DMSSC meeting. Need to find out if board needs to approve the final draft.

Responsible: Koper

Action Item 3: (repeated)

The committee would like an update on the data that has been purged due to a lack of metadata as well as an update on data without metadata that remains at the DMC. Report expected at the next DMSSC meeting.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 4:

Set up web page for the DPWG.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 5:

DPWG needs to define a prioritized list of Data Products.

Responsible: Trabant & Koper

Action Item 6:

Document how much data is being served by USGS LISS through Golden LISS Servers. The goal is to develop a method to track the amount of data served in real time. Report back to the DMSSC at next meeting.

Responsible: Harold Bolton

Action Item 7:

Draft 15 page DMS contribution to 27-month proposal. Leverage existing DMSSC input from Fall 2009 Grand Challenge DMSSC input. Consider organizing this by data levels managed at the DMC.

Responsible: Koper & Ahern

Action Item 8:

Clarify with Stuart Weir what format he is storing Ritzwoller's tomographic models in.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 9:

Insure that key information in tomographic models can be captured in NetCDF format.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 10:

Contact G. Anderson and raise the issue of costs related to re-homing EarthScope data product systems such as EARS.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 11:

Develop a response to the Software Survey. Consider additional DMC tutorials and short courses. Consider doing this in the form of Webinars as well.

Responsible: Cochran and Ahern

Action Item 12:

Insure that the TAWG FAQ is merged into the IRIS DMS Knowledge Base.

Responsible: Trabant

Action Item 13:

Encourage the UW to develop a more complete proposal next year. It should present several alternative concepts for product generation, including cost estimates for each product, and more fully identify what the various FTE effort goes toward the UW proposal. The DMSSC will provide feedback regarding which of the products the UW should pursue.

Responsible: Koper

Action Item 14:

Have DMS and GSN programs develop a response plan that addresses quality control issues with the data quality at GSN stations. The plan should focus on current LDEO identified problems, develop systems to detect problems moving forward and develop a methodology to actively address problems as they are identified.

Responsible: DMS, GSN, ASL, IDA

Action Item 15:

Specific GSN Quality recommendations should be drafted that include

   a. ASL should update metadata resulting from existing calibrations

   b. IDA should increase staff to detailed GSN QA position IDA.

   c. DMS should develop a mechanism to communicate the problem to the IRIS community.
   This should include web based information as well as a SIG at the IRIS Workshop.

Responsible: Fouch and Ritzwoller