Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2009

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Action Items

March, 2009


Action Items 1 through 5 are being carried over from the previous action items.


Action Item 1:

Explore possible methods to inform users when the metadata changes for previously requested data such as when orientations change. Clarify when channels such as LHE change to LH1, for instance, when orientations get changed, articulate the business rules. Tim will lead an e-mail exchange with network operators to explore the issue and CC Meredith. This item will also be referred to the DMC-DCC meeting.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 2:

Incorporate edits into the current strategic plan and send it out with revisions to the committee (Ahern with input from Hole, Nettles). It will then be sent to the BoD and we will wait for comments from them to start a more comprehensive revision.

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 3:

Set up a committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the software for requesting data. Should address the big picture of how should the whole system change? Put together a list of common users to put together a working group to specifically look at a piece of software. (Nettles, Ritzwoller (Chair), Cochran, Hole)

Responsible: Ritzwoller

Action Item 4:

Models and Beyond. Discuss what data products should be incorporated into the IRIS DMS: what areas might be good and what are the priorities. Work with the new Products Specialist to produce a way to incorporate and display various 3D models through a web interface. A good initial start would be to meet with Louise Kellogg and discuss whether they have tools available that could be leveraged. Working group: Trehu, Nettles, Wiens, Walter (Chair), van der Lee.

Responsible: Walter

Action Item 5:

Tim will send out updated EOS draft article after making some changes (e.g. reduce number of figures and remake some, e.g. map of stations in another projection, figure of number of bytes shipped, etc.). DMSSC members should make changes with track changes on. 


Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 6:

Chad should compile a list of standard state-of-health (SOH) channels collected by typical data loggers (e.g., Q330) and distribute this list to the DMSSC. He should also distribute the list of SOH channels the DMC is archiving for the TA (with any explanations, if needed).

Action Item 7:

IDA DCC and ASL DCC will provide the committee with a recommendation for how to handle the issue on channel orientations and conventions.

Action Item 8:

Generate a prioritized list of products for FY010 and send to Tim and Chad by April 15.

Responsible: Walter.

Action Item 9:

Contact people to determine how to set up a list of non-earthquake events (Steve at Livermore would be a good first contact).

Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 10:

Consider different ways to move the DMS forward consistent with the Grand Challenges identified in the Seismological Gran Challenges in Understanding Earth’s Dynamic Systems. This will assist in the development of the next five year proposal which will need to be started by the summer. Build up ideas and a list of goals or challenges for DMS/IRIS over e-mail and determine a liaison with the person responsible for writing proposal. Contact people in the specific areas to get additional input. Perhaps the DMSSC should divide up the challenges and get at least two ideas per challenge, one DMS related and one broader that links back to the DMS.

Responsible: All committee members. Koper as head

Specific Grand Challenge Focus: 1. Elizabeth, 2. Harley, 3. Bill, 4. Meredith/Doug, 5. Kathy, 6. Kathy, 7. Meredith, 8. Mike, 9. Keith, 10. Keith, and Appendix: Bill

Action Item 11:

Write a letter to Ken Creager at UW to make sure that money is being used efficiently in terms of what the DMS is getting and what are priorities for IRIS DMS. Specifically we need to make sure that there is value added to the QA effort as part of the phase picking effort.

Responsible: Koper