Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2008

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Action Items

October, 2008

Action Item 1:

As the GSNSC considers how to implement improved calibration procedures at GSN stations, the DMSSC strongly encourages the GSNSC to develop a policy requiring regular calibration of the principal seismometer at these stations. Our continuing review of data quality suggests that significant benefit would be achieved by a practice of (1) calibration during station visits for sites with legacy dataloggers; and (2) scheduled, yearly calibration for stations with newer (Q330-HR) dataloggers. We emphasize that even relative calibration procedures are useful for data quality efforts.
Responsible: Wiens/Ahern

Action Item 2:

Make PASSCAL "data recovery list" available on the web.
Responsible: Ahern/Beaudoin

Action Item 3:

Calculate data completeness metrics for all completed PASSCAL experiments using DMC uptime metrics limited to first and last data received from an experiment.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 4:

Explore possible methods to inform users when the metadata changes for previously requested data such as when orientations change. Clarify when channels such as LHE change to LH1, for instance, when orientations get changed, articulate the business rules. Tim will lead an e-mail exchange with network operators to explore the issue and CC Meredith. This item will also be referred to the DMC-DCC meeting.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 5:

The committee is appreciative of Willie Lee's efforts to scan and archive the WWSSN film chips. We encourage him to submit a one-page proposal for the organization and transfer of already scanned WWSSN film chips to the DMC in an amount not to exceed $25,000. The proposal should not include funds for additional scanning and should not be considered the start of a continuing project.

In addition, the committee would like a second document that contains background information on the data set that can form the basis of a larger plan to complete the entire process. The committee will use this document to guide investigation into other possible funding sources.
Responsible: Wiens

Action Item 6:

Incorporate edits into the current strategic plan and send it out with revisions to the committee (Ahern with input from Hole, Nettles). It will then be sent to the BoD and we will wait for comments from them to start a more comprehensive revision.  
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 7:

Set up a committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the software for requesting data. Should address the big picture of how should the whole system change? Put together a list of common users to put together a working group to specifically look at a piece of software. (Nettles, Ritzwoller (Chair), Cochran, Hole)  
Responsible: Ritzwoller

Action Item 8:

Models and Beyond. Discuss what data products should be incorporated into the IRIS DMS: what areas might be good and what are the priorities. Work with the new Products Specialist to produce a way to incorporate and display various 3D models through a web interface. A good initial start would be to meet with Louise Kellogg and discuss whether they have tools available that could be leveraged. Working group: Trehu, Nettles, Wiens, Walter (Chair), van der Lee.
Responsible: Walter

Action Item 9:

Tim will send out updated EOS draft article after making some changes (e.g. reduce number of figures and remake some, e.g. map of stations in another projection, figure of number of bytes shipped, etc.). DMSSC members should make changes with track changes on.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 10:

The Committee endorses the replacement of the Powderhorn with the new storage systems using combined carryover and BoD funds and recommends Ahern takes this purchase to the upcoming BoD meeting.
Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 11:

The SC recommends IRIS form an industry advisory committee to foster collaborations, for example looking into datasets and software that IRIS could distribute to its members. Rob Woolley will bring this to COCOM.
Responsible: Woolley

* Recommendation: The DMSSC endorses the DMS archiving the NEES Garner Valley data as articulated in the statement of work approved by the IRIS BoD under a cost recovery model.
Recommendation Approved.

* Recommendation: The DMSSC endorses adopting the proposed cost recovery algorithm as a guideline basis for cost sharing for management for new or existing datasets.
Recommendation Approved.