Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2007

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Draft Action Items

October 11-12, 2007

Action Item 1:

    • PASSCAL Experiment Listings. The DMS Standing Committee views information about the data availability of completed PASSCAL experiments as important information for the community. Therefore, we recommend adding a link from the public web pages of the IRIS DMC to the data table maintained by the PASSCAL data center ( The table should be appropriately abbreviated to omit PI's email addresses and omission of redundant data.  It should be clear that the various columns are clickable to produce user controlled sorting of the columns.
      Responsible: Wiens will make sure this information is presented to the COCOM.

Action Item 2:

    • EM Seafloor Data.  The DMSSC supports the conversion of EM data to SEED format and archiving at the IRIS DMC.  This task should be coordinated between Davis and Constable at SIO and Ahern at the IRIS DMC.  IRIS should insure that proper linkages are made to the Marine Geophysical Data System at Lamont.
      Responsible: Davis and Ahern

Action Item 3:

    • Derive long period data from broadband data for selected networks.  The GTSN and Canadian networks should be the first candidates for this processing.  (Continuing Task from Previous Action Items.)
      Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 4:

    • The DMS would like to improve customer support (e.g. response to specific user inquires) while improving the efficiency of this support on the staff side.  The DMSSC suspects that other IRIS programs may have similar needs. DMS representatives to COCOM should present this issue and see if other groups have similar concerns and may support a coordinated user support capability between programs.
      Responsible: Wiens

Action Item 5:

    • Obtain information about the decommissioning process applied to TA stations. Insure things such as calibrations and orientation are confirmed before dismantling stations.  Woolley to forward information to DMSSC.
      Responsible: Woolley

Action Item 6:

    • Implement new algorithm for SPYDER®/FARM products for USArray and US Regional network stations. Stations that record  EH, BH, SH and HH channels are to be included. 
      Responsible: Casey

Action Item 7:

    • Form an IRIS Software Working Group. Write a document to define the working group’s charge and mission. This working group should include activities that, at least, address:
      1) Software engineering: to align technologies with community CyberInfrastructure efforts and “fine tune” the tools. This would be a high-level design review. The Working group would focus on the Application Program Interfaces, i.e. the inputs and outputs and their formats ensuring that terms are well-defined.
      2) Usability studies to understand what users need, and make sure this matches with what IRIS is providing.

      DMSSC Recommended membership should include representatives from UNIDATA (Domenico), SCEC (Maechling), MGDS (Arko), GEON (Baru), with IRIS Members of Ammon, Brodsky, Koper and Wiens.  IRIS Staff to include Ahern, Woodward and Casey.
      Responsible: (development of the charge and the working group’s mission) Woodward

Action Item 8:

    • DMSSC recommends moving forward with producing merged data (M quality Factor).  Issues to be resolved include investigate timing of Baler data and coordination with DCCs to see if M data should be produced if Q data is available.
      Responsible: Benson

Action Item 9:

    • DMSSC agrees that archiving data from the Brazilian data of Berrocal is a welcome addition to the DMC holds and approves management of these data.
      Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 10:

    • Redistribution of IRIS Generated Data (GSN and PASSCAL).  Adopt a policy of data center redistribution that encourages redistribution of IRIS data by other data centers.  Insure that techniques are in place that allows IRIS to obtain statistics related to the data redistribution.  Work within the FDSN framework to implement the redistribution policy. 
      Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 11:

  • Alert the COCOM and BoD about end of life of the Powderhorn mass storage system in 2010. There could be a large capital item in future budgets.
    Responsible: Wiens

Action Item 12:

  • The DMSSC expresses interest in management of SEAM data set if and when the opportunity arises.
    Responsible: Wiens

Action Item 13:

  • The DMS Strategic Plan needs to be updated by the 2008 Spring DMSSC Meeting.  DMSSC to provide input by end of 2007.
    Responsible: Ahern

Action Item 14:

  • Develop a charge for the DMS Web committee that will identify the approach in redesigning DMS web presence.  Insure that proper linkages exist with other IRIS programs and the overall corporate restructuring.
    Responsible: Koper

Action Item 15:

  • The plan for use of FY07 DMS carryover was approved as presented by Ahern. Present this plan to the COCOM.
    Responsible: Wiens