Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2006

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Action Items

October 9-10, 2006
IGPP / SIO / UCSD    La Jolla, CA

Action Item 1:

The IRIS DMSSC encourages the DMS and PASSCAL programs to develop a web page that provides data return information from all PASSCAL experiments.  This page should include information from both active source and passive deployments.  Information about the number of instruments, type of deployment, restricted or unrestricted status and data availability through the IRIS DMC should be listed.  This list must be dynamic with updates as needed to reflect the present status of all experiments in terms of data delivery.  The web page should also provide a link through which PIs may submit information to update information that pertains to any experiment for which they are responsible.  This list will support the ability to click on column headings to sort by any of the columns.
Responsibility: T. Ahern/ B. Beaudoin

Action Item 2:

Kristine Larson, Univ. of Colorado, will be invited to the next DMSSC meeting to discuss displacement of GPS.
Responsibility: M. Francissen

Action Item 3:

Information will be solicited on how proposed web services applications will be used in a workflow.
This is to identify the Use Cases used in the development of web service based applications.
Responsibility: J. Muench

Action Item 4:

The DMSSC would like to add 2 new members. One member is rotating off now, but 3 will rotate off next year. Adding 2 now will provide for a smoother transition. The intention is to add one member from Global Seismology and one from Oceans. Suggestions will be submitted to the CoCom meeting on October 16-17, 2006.
Responsibility: D. Wiens

Action Item 5:

A list of the possible uses of carryover funds that were discussed at the meeting (with estimated costs) will be developed.  This list will be emailed to DMSSC members for comment. DMSSC recommendations will be presented at the CoCom meeting.
Responsibility: D. Wiens/ T. Ahern

Action Item 6:

Tim Ahern will follow up with Chris Keane from the American Geological Institute re: IRIS’ request for access to industry seismic data sets. Letter to CK of 9/15/06 is in meeting notebook.
Responsibility: T. Ahern

Action Item 7:

Tim Ahern will follow up with Italian group to assess interest in IRIS acting at archive for the Italian National Network data.
Responsibility: T. Ahern

Action Item 8:

Harold Bolton will provide Chinese group contact information to T. Ahern.
Responsibility: H. Bolton

Action Item 9:

Pete Davis will ascertain the status of the EM seafloor data.
Responsibility: P. Davis

Action Item 10:

Tim Ahern will contact Milton Garces at the Univ. of Hawaii related to archiving infrasound data at the DMC.
Responsibility: T. Ahern


DMSSC Resolutions:

#1. IRIS DMSSC supports archiving the Neptune seismic and hydrophone data, the OOI seismological data and the ANSS Regional Network stations.

#2 DMSSC is in favor of IRIS installing the WebDC interface developed by GEOFON.  A recommendation for using carryover funds to support this was supported by the DMSSC.

#3 The DMSSC has selected Pete Davis to act as representative to the IRIS Long Term Instrument Loans Committee. D. Wiens to convey this information to the CoCom.