Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2005

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Action Items
March 22–23, 2005
IGPP   San Diego, CA

Action Item No. 1:

G. Nolet and T. Ahern to write a letter to AGI to request a copy of the industry data from offshore California to archive and distribute

Action Item No. 2.:

H. Bolton, T. Ahern and B. Weertman will send amended QC metrics to Suzan van der Lee.

Action Item No. 3.:

T. Ahern will resend documentation about the Data Problem Reporting DPR to the DMSSC.

Action Item No. 4.:

E. Brodsky will test Teseo this Spring.  G. Nolet to contact Jim Dewey to test Teseo.

Action Item No. 5:

DMS will work with PASSCAL to determine how PASSCAL data can be released to allow for picking of travel times.  K. Creager from Univ. of Washington will be included in the process.

Action Item No. 6:

T. Ahern will investigate adding the capability of notifying users whenever metadata information has changed for waveform data that has previously been sent to them.

Action Item No. 7:

G. Nolet and T. Ahern will take the budget, approved by the DMSC with minor changes, to the CoCom.

Action Item No. 8:

G. Nolet and T. Ahern will ask CoCom to propose community members for a panel to identify product priority for the USArray data products by level.

Action Item No. 9:

Finish a first draft article for the EOS by the next DMSSC meeting in October, 2005.