Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2004

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting

Action Items
October 28–29,2004
UNAVCO, Boulder, Colorado

Action Item No. 1:

Tim Ahern.  New data coming into IRIS will be posted on the Website.  The information will include what it is, who it is from, and when it arrived.

Action Item No. 2.:

Tim Ahern and Harold Bolton.  They will investigate the gap in USNSN
QC for the interim period between January, 2003 and the time when QC begins being performed at NEIC.

Action Item No. 3.:

Robert Casey.  Rob will contact the attendees of the PDCC workshop in September 1, 2, and 3, 2004.  He will follow up with them to identify continuing challenges and problems, and identify their success measures.

Action Item No. 4.:

Pete Davis.  Come up with an algorithm to perform Data QC in Quack identifying microbarometer data.

Action Item No. 5:

A Taskforce has been established and charged with identifying metrics to measure successful QC for the NEIC and the ASL DCC’s. The metrics need to be identified by November 30, 2004.

Taskforce members:

Susan van der Lee, Facilitator
Pete Davis
Bruce Weertman
Tim Ahern
Harold Bolton
Tyler Storm

Action Item No. 6:

Anne Trehu will provide the next draft of the USArray Data Products to the DMSSC committee members by November 15, 2004 and, in turn, the committee members will provide their feedback to the document to Anne Trehu by November 22, 2004.

Action Item No. 7:

Guust Nolet will send a letter of support to Willie Lee with regard to efforts to scan and digitize historical seismograms.  The letter will indicate that the IRIS DMC’s role will be directed toward the archiving and distribution of these data as well as perhaps the development of appropriate digitizing software.

Action Item No. 8.:

Add a disclaimer to the IRIS website regarding data requests containing data that the IRIS DMC receives from other Data Centers such as ORFEUS and GEOFON.  The identity of the requestor will be provided to those centers. i.e. If there is a data request from other DC’s IRIS can publish information on Requestor to same.

Action Item No. 9.:

Guust Nolet will contact ORFEUS about Real Time Data and Continuous Data.

Action Item No. 10.:

Guust Nolet will contact Mike Gurnis at CalTech and invite him to the next DMSSC meeting to discuss the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) effort and how it relates to IRIS DMS activities.

Action Item No. 11.: (execom)

Guust Nolet will contact the COCOM with the names of recommended members to replace DMSSC members rotating off including, Dodge, Okaya and Garnero.

Action Item No. 12.:

The DMSSC scheduled the next DMSSC meeting. It will be in San Diego on March 22-23, 2005. (full day on 22nd and ½ day on 23rd).

Action Item No. 13.; (execom)

The DMSSC recommends instituting a nominal fee for archiving data from non-IRIS institutions.  Recommended fee would be $1000 per terabyte initially and reviewed periodically.