Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

April 2003

Data Management System Standing Committee meeting


April 24–25, 2003
IRIS DMC Seattle, Washington

MDC-OME Internet Link

A clear understanding as to the need for the MDC to Obninsk Internet link is needed. Tim Ahern will contact Moscow Data Center and OME to understand the current connectivity between Obninsk and Moscow.

Timeliness of Pick Reporting

Tim Ahern will write a letter to UW, ASL & IDA regarding timeliness of pick reporting to NEIC and ISC.

Industry Seismic Data

DMS Standing Committee is highly in favor of archiving industry data from Chevron/Texaco at the IRIS DMC.

Distribution of USArray Event Products

The USARRAY real-time data distribution system should also support the distribution of event-oriented data from the FARM and SPYDER® systems.

SEED Revisions

Communicate to CoCOM (& discuss at FDSN meeting) the IRIS DMS thoughts with respect to extensions to SEED format.

Acquisition of SUN Servers

See if the SUN cost-matching program can be used when acquiring the new SunFire systems.

Metadata Workshop

Guust Nolet will contact program in Trieste regarding training program about metadata. DMSSC recommends providing seed money in support of this activity.

Special Interest Group at Workshop

Schedule a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting at the 2003 IRIS Workshop on “The Future of SAC”.

Software Development Center at USC

Contact University of South Carolina about delivery of SOD GUI within the next funding year. Establish clear understanding as to the long term funding plans for the USC software effort.


The DMSSC recommends that E&O program purchases a GEOWALL.

Strategic Plan

Committee members will submit comments to Tim and Guust regarding the Strategic Plan document well in advance of the IRIS Workshop.

Data Distribution

The DCCs should generate monthly statistics indicating the amount of data that flows directly from the DCCs to places other than the IRIS DMC. These statistics should be sent to the IRIS DMS Program Manager.