Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

October 2002

DMSSC Action Items

October 16-18, 2002

  1. A Web accessible log of when data are re-archived at the DMC

    a. Status – This has been established. The re-archived data are now being tracked in Oracle. SeismiQuery can presently view these logs but a better interface needs to be developed.
  2. Send out a bulk email announcement about testing the beta version of VASE

    a. Status – this was done
  3. Add a one liner description to the Glossary of Acronyms

    a. Status – this was done and is included in DMSSC mailing
  4. Send a reminder notice about the QA-RFP that can be for more than $25K and that the deadline is 10/31/02. This was done already.

    a. Status – done
  5. DMSSC supported a DMS medium size NSF-ITR proposal related to networking data centers using a DHI approach.

    a. Status – this was submitted on February 12, 2003. Copy of proposal included in DMSSC Mailing
  6. Vision & Mission Statements: Tim will send the revised statements to the DMSSC for discussion.

    a. Status – Included in DMSSC mailing
  7. SWOT: Tim will write first draft of Strategic Plan Statement. Monica will edit, then circulate to DMSSC by next SC meeting.

    a. Status – Included in DMSSC mailing
  8. Geoinformatics: invite representative of GEON to next DMSSC mtg.

    a. Status – not done, but Ahern will attend first GEON All Hands Meeting
  9. Budget Priority Items: Committee members should email to Tim suggestions for incorporation into next year's budget (spring SC meeting).

    a. Status – none received other than ASL and IDA
  10. Responses to QC RFP: Tim will send responses to DMSSC for review. A discussion via phone or email will follow.

    a. Status – review committee was formed. Excom accepted Panel recommendation