Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

March 2002

DMSSC Meeting

March 14-15, 2002

Seattle, WA

Attendees: Monica Kohler (Committee Chair), Tim Ahern, Stuart Sipkin, Bob Detrick, Doug Dodge, David Okaya, Ed Garnero, Bruce Beaudoin (PASSCAL), Shane Ingate, Göran Ekström (EXCOM), Harold Bolton, Pete Davis, Leanne Rubin


  • The DMS Standing Committee has completed the DMS Self Study (final version was approved at this meeting). This document will be maintained as a living document on the IRIS website (updated annually).
  • The primary DMC request tools will be identified, and continue to be actively supported and promoted on the IRIS website.  The DMC should discontinue active support and promotion of infrequently used tools (though they may continue to be available to users who know about them, as long as they do not require excessive IRIS resources). Notice of this policy should be placed in the DMS Electronic Newsletter.
  • It was noted that ASL, IDA and the University of Washington are all making picks on IRIS data.  Ed Garnero and David Okaya will write up some concrete ideas regarding what types of new picks could be made available to the community as part of DMSSC activities.
  • Tim Ahern and Monica Kohler will compose a letter to the COCOM, providing reasons to change or enforce the current policies regarding PASSCAL data submission timelines.
  • Waveform Quality Control RFP. Because of the changing methods of data submission (as well as new data sources), the quality control needs at the DMC have changed. The IRIS DMC will be requesting proposals for the development of specific Quality Control Modules to monitor and estimate data quality from a variety of seismological sources. The committee has been asked to submit input to Tim Ahern and Bruce Weertman at the DMC prior to the announcement of the RFP (tentatively in June 2002).
  • The DMC should present a poster at this summer's IRIS workshop focused on the Quality Assurance Project.
  • Send out announcement to Object-Oriented BOOT Camp applicants that there was not enough interest to move forward with the program.  It may be more appropriate to consider having the BOOT Camp in another year or so.
  • The DMSSC was quite enthusiastic about the Data Handling Interface (DHI). The committee recommends generating a DHI Tutorial emphasizing how one can get started developing in this environment.
  • In the meeting packet was a draft letter from IRIS to John Filson at the USGS, regarding continuing cooperation and expanded interactions between IRIS and the USGS.  The committee was asked to contribute suggestions regarding this letter of support.
  • By April 1, the committee was to submit of list of interactions between IRIS and the USGS.
  • Expand IRIS Glossary of Acronyms to include some short (one-line) descriptions. Committee can suggest additions.
  • Prepare draft of DMS Strategic Plan by the end of August 2002.
  • Attendees of this DMS Committee meeting who will be attending the Earthscope IT meeting in late March (David Okaya, Harold Bolton) were asked to provide a summary report.
  • Tim Ahern will circulate an updated document related to the DMS portion of the USArray project that has incorporated committee suggestions (before COCOM, April 11).