Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

September 2000

DMSSC Meeting September 21–22, 2000
Houston, Texas


ACTION ITEM: In an effort to get more responses to the Customer Satisfaction Survey, Committee members will each submit 10 names (to Tim and Alan) of people to receive questionnaire request.

ACTION ITEM: Regarding the DMS self-study. Alan Levander will compile comments from the discussion and distribute them to the committee (estimated timeline = first week of October).

ACTION ITEM: Creation of subcommittee on Station Histories. Members: Guy Masters, Pete Davis, Harold Bolton, Peter Goldstein.

ACTION ITEM: Committee members will each send suggestions for the next DMSSC Chair to Alan Levander.

ACTION ITEM: Tim Ahern will compose a letter to Paul Denton, indicating that IRIS is interested in receiving the data from the University of Leicester (and asking about their equipment loan policy).

ACTION ITEM: Alan Levander will contact John Orcutt to ascertain the status of the Marine Seismic Reflection (is it funded? Is it moving forward?)

ACTION ITEM: Guy MastersÕ letter about station calibration issues.