Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

February 1998

February 5–6, 1998
Tucson, Arizona


ACTION ITEM: A shortened version of minutes (action items) should be put on the WEB.
(Note: This has been done, action items from the September, 1997 meeting can be found at URL=

ACTION ITEM: Add a glossary to package sent to DMSSC members that describes acronyms.

ACTION ITEM: Enforce policy for writing and mailing field tapes every 10 days rather than every 30 days (which happens for some stations).
(Note: This need was conveyed to the IRIS GSN Standing Committee)

ACTION ITEM: We need to inform the user community that these channels exist and evaluate how useful these continuous data are.

ACTION ITEM: RDSEED should write a "comments" file. Write an evalresp-like program or script to read the comments and output a file showing, for example, timing problems related to your data. This program could also change the filenames of waveform files that are associated with timing problems to alert the user to this problem. We should define severity levels for station comments so this program could take different actions depending on the severity levels.

ACTION ITEM: Periodically fix SEED headers in all FARM data with updated information for Dataless SEEDS.

ACTION ITEM: Tom Owens, Tim Ahern, Tom McSweeney and Philip Crotwell plan to work together to move forward on design of the Classes and their implementation during the next year. We should retain a system architect to work with this group. Other members of the Working Group on Seismological Classes should be kept informed of the progress of this group and polled periodically for input.
(Note: This group of four people has begun making progress. 2AB, a system architecture firm in Birmingham, Alabama has been placed under contract to provide object -oriented expertise to IRIS)

ACTION ITEM: We should have a hands-on short course on Java at the IRIS Workshop.
(Note: SUN will be teaching a one day course on JAVA on the Sunday after the IRIS workshop. Due to the large size of the class, it will not be hands-on.)

ACTION ITEM: Bob will ask Diane Doser to write a Newsletter article about DEL.

ACTION ITEM: Write Newsletter article on WILBER and the data channels (eg. 40 sample/s data) and networks (eg. Geoscope, PASSCAL, etc.) that are available at the DMC.
(Note: The last newsletter has such an article)

ACTION ITEM: Alan will poll potential users to see how many IRIS members would use these data. In what ways will this improve relations with SEG?

ACTION ITEM: Paul asked Tim to document how much the data latency is increased by writing, mailing and reading tapes.

ACTION ITEM: Decide on a common format for the phase picks and put them somewhere where they will be useful. Perhaps on the WEB as raw picks and to the NEIC, ISC, and Engdahl for inclusion in routine processing.