Standing Committee Meeting Report Data Services

September 1997

September 15-16, 1997
Seattle, Washington

(Updates valid as of 5/13/98)

ACTION ITEM: Instrumentation workshop in Santa Fe announced. DMS does not have a designated representative on the steering committee. A "data centric" member would be an important viewpoint to bring forward.

Susan will approach Larry Ruff about serving as the DMS representative.

(Update: Larry Ruff agreed to serve and attended the meeting as the DMS rep.)

A Plan:

  1. Condense FISSURES report into two "one-pagers", one defining the long-term (solution independent) goals, the other defining the recommended approach to begin progress toward these goals.
  2. (Update: this was done and is on the DMC WWW pages)

  3. Form a Seismological Classes Working Group.
  4. Have an initial pre-AGU organizational meeting.

    (Update: this meeting was held and attended by 15 people)

  5. Hire a consultant to serve as System Architect.

(Update: IRIS has signed a contract with 2AB, a consulting firm to provide expertise in object oriented system architectures. This took place on 5/8/98)

The charge of the SCWG and the consultant will be to define a strawman proposal of seismological classes and to propose one or more pilot projects to demonstrate the functionality and potential of the object-oriented software framework. One project may be a "new" code that illustrates the utility of object-oriented approaches. Another may be to illustrate the potential to "wrap" existing (legacy) applications to increase inter-application communications.

ACTION ITEM: DMC should modify RDSEED to produce a comments file and to create a utility to easily search this file for problems, given time, station, and/or event information.

(Update 5/13/98 This is being worked on but is not yet complete)

ACTION ITEM: Paul Richards will produce a "white paper" outlining the importance of complete global seismic catalogs and to encourage IRIS cooperation with other agencies in maintaining this catalog.

(Update: Paul produced this paper for the spring 1998 DMSSC meeting)

ACTION ITEM: ASL will pick P-waves and depth phases SPYDER" data on a regular (but trial) basis and work on a mechanism for recording and reporting these picks. UW will work on routine picking of FARM data and work on a mechanism for reporting these as well. The DCCs will each pick late arriving (tapes, etc.) data as well. "Picking" is defined as both time and amplitude measurements. After these efforts evolve and can be evaluated, we can better decide on a long-term approach. Operatives are requested to provide feedback by our Spring DMS meeting. The anticipated goal is to produce a proposed initiative for next year’s budget.

ACTION ITEM: IMS Data flow. Tim should cost out other options to get the IMS data.

(Update: No action, see next action item)

ACTION ITEM: Tim and Susan should take political issues before the EXECOM and encourage vigorous action to the resolve this issue. Activities should include collaboration with the USGS.

(Update: The matter has been referred to the IRIS Planning Committee)

ACTION ITEM: Tim and DMC Operations should circulate their recommendations for data distributions on DLT tape only for large requests.

(Update: The list was circulated and has been defined, DMC has not yet placed the restriction on shipments)

ACTION ITEM: An "Antique Shop" where interested users can archive their historical data sets should be created at the DMC. These items must be fully documented by the contributing users and will be provided on a "buyer beware" basis. It should be advertised via a WWW page. Bob will draft the guidelines for acceptable antiques.

(Update: Work has started on this through the WWW and guidelines form Woodward)

ACTION ITEM: Keith Priestley’s request for "YODA" usage for Aegean data was approved with the caveat that the data be submitted to the DMC and released to the general community according to PASSCAL guidelines. Future similar requests should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

(Update: The data have not yet started flowing)

ACTION ITEM: Tim will request a one-pager for the MT data from John Booker.

(Update: This was requested but Booker was on sabbatical and has not yet responded.)