OBSIP New User’s Short Course

Ocean Bottom Seismometer Instrument Pool (OBSIP)
New User's Short-Course

Doug Wiens
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in Saint Louis

David Okaya
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Southern California

IRIS received an award to support Ocean Bottom Seismometry through the establishment of the 
OBSIP Management Office. To introduce potential and new users to this expanded
experimental environment, this New User's Short-Course is being held as a part of the
bi-annual IRIS Workshop. Attendees will be provided the tools and information required
to successfully propose, plan and execute an experiment employing ocean bottom seismometers. The OBS New User's Short Course agenda, including scheduled presenters is: 12:30 PM - Pre-Workshop Break/Light food 1:00 PM - Welcome, purpose of short course (Doug Wiens/David Okaya) 1:10 PM - Statement from NSF (Rodey Batiza/Rick Carlson - National Science Foundation) OVERVIEW OF OBSIP OMO & INSTITUTIONAL INSTRUMENT CENTERS 1:15 PM - Introduction to the OBSIP facility (Don Forsyth - Brown University) 1:45 PM - LDEO Short Introduction/Summary (Jim Gaherty - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) 2:00 PM - SIO Short Introduction/Summary (John Orcutt - Scripps Institution of Oceanography) CONSIDERATIONS FOR USING OBS INSTRUMENTS 2:15 PM - Passive OBS targets & Instrument Factors I (Geoff Abers - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) 2:45 PM - Coffee Break 3:00 PM - Passive OBS targets & Instrument factors II (Anne Sheehan - University of Colorado) 3:30 PM - Active-Source Experiments (Kirk McIntosh - University of Texas) PROCEDURES FOR PLANNING AND PROPOSING TO USE OBS 4:00 PM - OBS experiment planning and execution (Doug Wiens - Washington University in Saint Louis) 4:30 PM - Proposing an OBS experiment and getting funded (Rick Carlson - National Science Foundation) 4:50 PM - Open Discussion: Q&A and suggestions 5:10 PM - Wrap-up and Adjourn (Doug Wiens/David Okaya) This workshop is conveniently planned for the afternoon preceding the IRIS Workshop in Boise, ID. Workshop Information: Date and Time: June 12, 2012 1:00 to 5:00 PM (refreshments following) Location: Boise Convention Center, Boise, ID Please advise of your planned attendance and direct any questions to: Brent Evers brent.evers@iris.edu Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology OBSIP Management Office Project Manager 202-682-2220x156