PH5 Working Group

Current Members

John Collins WHOI Member
Ben Evans Australian National University Member
David Okaya USC Member
Brandon Schmandt UNM Member
Lindsay Lowe Worthington UNM Member
Tim Ahern IRIS/DMC Observer
Bob Woodward IRIS Observer
Steve Azevedo IRIS/PASSCAL Observer
Nick Falco IRIS/DMC Observer


Committee Charge

PH5 is an implementation of HDF5 data model / format that is in use by the active source community to not only ingest and display field acquisition of active source seismic experiments, but also to archive and distribute data through the IRIS DMC in a manner that allows web services tools to act on the data and metadata in a similar manner to the passive source data archive.

This working group will bring together the stakeholders in the PH5 project, including the active source community, multi-modal experimenters, software engineers, data managers (both field and data center) and governance/programmatic staff. The basic philosophy of this working group will be to gather the input of the seismological community to guide IRIS to the final functionality and implementation of the PH5 capability through the following charges:

Charge to PH5WG

  • Review the current state of PH5 development and implementation
  • Define the functional specifications for PH5 version 1.0, including all stages of the package utility:
    • Field review tool (shot gathers, QC, etc.),
    • Data ingestion and upload to the data center, and
    • Data Management Center archive: webservice utilities, data extraction, etc.
  • Act as beta testers for PH5 by PASSCAL and the IRIS DMC

Maintenance of PH5 capabilities will not fall under the purview of this working group.

This is a joint Instrumentation Services / Data Services working group and reports to both the Instrumentation Services and Data Services Standing Committees. This working group's tasks will be complete when the functional specifications are met (i.e., PH5 version 1.0 is fully implemented), or after a maximum of two years (end of FY18).