GSN Standing Committee

Current Members

Last NameFirst NameInstitutionRoleSinceUntil
Frassetto Andy IRIS IRIS Staff 2022 Present
Busby Bob IRIS Progr. Manager 2022 Present
Wolfe Cecily US Geological Survey, Reston Ex Officio Voting 2020 2023
Dalton Colleen Brown University Chair 2020 2023
Wilson David US Geological Survey, Albuquerque Observer 2012 Present
Berger Jonathan University of California, San Diego Observer 1991 Present
Davis Peter University of California, San Diego Observer 1998 Present
Mellors Robert University of California, San Diego Observer 2020 Present
Lekic Vedran University of Maryland Member 2021 2023
Yeck William US Geological Survey, Golden Member 2018 2023
Vallée Martin Leader of GEOSCOPE Observatory, IPGP Member 2019 2023
Lau Harriet University of California, Berkeley Member 2020 2023
Wei Shawn Michigan State University Member 2020 2023
Simons Frederik Princeton University Member 2021 2023
Tsai Victor Brown University Board Liaison 2022 2023

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GSN Standing Committee webpage (committee use only - password required)


Preamble to Standing Committee Charge

The Program Standing Committees form essential links in the IRIS governance and management structures.  They provide a direct voice for the community to bring issues of policy and program development to the Programs and to the Board of Directors (BoD). They provide advice to the Program Managers and IRIS President in the development of activities and budgets to be presented to the BoD for approval.  Formally reporting to the BoD, these committees provide oversight of their respective Programs.  They also provide recommendations on policy issues and new programmatic initiatives to the BoD.  Each Standing Committee Chair is to work closely with the Program Manager to prepare semi-annual reports to the BoD and to develop agendas for Standing Committee meetings.

Committee Charge

The GSN Standing Committee advises the Board of Directors and the GSN program managers at IRIS and USGS on policies to deploy and operate the Global Seismographic Network, to ensure its integrity and long-term viability, to rapidly disseminate data collected by the GSN, and coordinate GSN linkages with other networks around the world.  This committee is charged by the Board of Directors to: 

  1. Set standards for GSN instrumentation and data collection, focusing on high quality, real-time data.
  2. Develop and maintain a siting plan, in coordination with FDSN partner networks and ocean monitoring groups, to achieve the collaborative goal of a minimum of one station every 20 degrees with performance-based densification in regions of scientific importance, earthquake hazard, or other monitoring interests.
  3. Integrate GSN activities with other national and international centers and networks to enhance GSN interoperability and facilitate the free and open exchange of data in a timely, user-transparent manner.  Facilitate collaborations between the GSN and national and international agencies whose mission would benefit from rapid access to GSN data.
  4. Set standards and policies to ensure the timely flow of data from the GSN stations to the Data Collection Centers and to real-time monitoring agencies.  Develop strategies for improving station uptime, and for eventually realizing all of the data flow in real-time.
  5. Develop strategies to maintain, calibrate, and refurbish the existing instrumentation of the GSN.  Develop strategies for instrumentation upgrades, where feasible and cost-effective, including new seismic sensor technologies and ancillary geophysical sensors.
  6. Develop new initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of the GSN for scientific advances and societal benefit.  Guide the development of new instrumentation for extreme environments, e.g., autonomous stations for seafloor, mid-ocean island, and polar deployment. 
  7. Advise the IRIS GSN Program Manager, IRIS President, and USGS GSN Program Coordinator on program planning and annual budgets. 
  8. Provide oversight of the GSN program, 
  9. Review activities and sources of support for new initiatives that use or wish to use GSN facilities or resources in the context of the effectiveness of the overall IRIS mission.

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