BOD Election 2018 - Candidate Profile

Susan Schwartz

Professor of Geophysics

Earth and Planetary Sciences Department

University of California, Santa Cruz


2002 - Present Professor of Geophysics University of California, Santa Cruz
1998 - 2002 Associate Professor University of California, Santa Cruz
1994 - 1998 Assistant Professor University of California, Santa Cruz
1990 - 1994 Assistant Research Seismologist University of California, Santa Cruz
1988 - 1990 President's Postdoctoral Fellow University of California, Santa Cruz
1988 Ph.D., Seismology University of Michigan
1983 M.S., Paleomagnetism University of Michigan
1981 Sc.B., Geophysics Brown University


2018 - Present PASSCAL Standing Committee Chair
2016 - 2018 PASSCAL Standing Committee Member
2007 IRIS Board of Directors Nominating Committee
2001 - 2003 IRIS Education and Outreach Standing Committee
1996 - 1998 IRIS Data Management System Standing Committee Chair
1997 IRIS 1998 Workshop Organizing Committee
1994 - 1996 IRIS Data Management System Standing Committee Member

Selected Other Service to the Seismological Community

2017 - Present Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment PI
2016 Alaska Earthquake Monitoring Working Group
2015 Amphibious Array Facility Steering Committee Chair
2015 NSF OBS Management Organization Review
2011 - 2015 Integrated Earth Data Application User Group Advisory Committee
2011 - 2015 GeoPRISMS Steering Committee
2011 - 2015 Cascadia Initiative Expedition Team
2013 Chikyu-10 Steering Committee
2013 UNAVCO Education and Community Engagement Advisory Committee
2007 - 2010 UNAVCO Secretary of the Board of Directors
2006 - 2010 UNAVCO Board of Directors
2008 NSF Deep Earth Section Committee of Visitors
1998 - 2002 UNAVCO Working Group on Volcano Geode


I am committed to advancing our understanding of dynamic Earth processes through geophysical research and to mentoring and promoting early career scientists. IRIS has and will continue to play a huge role in these endeavors. I am interested in a position on the IRIS Board to help ensure that it continues to be an organization that is: 1) responsive to the needs of the seismological community by maintaining excellent support services and building strong collaborations with other organizations that share our interests; 2) highly visible and impactful within the US and international scientific communities; and 3) leading the way in open data policies, professional development and training of the next generation Earth scientists, and educating the public about seismology and the Earth. I offer expertise in earthquake seismology and experience with the integration of seismic and geodetic data on land, at sea, and in the polar environment. I have taken a leadership role in overseeing 2 community amphibious seismic experiments. This background and four years on the UNAVCO Board of Directors, gives me a unique perspective that will be valuable in guiding IRIS forward as we continue to build and strengthen our collaboration with UNAVCO and other geophysical communities.