BOD Election 2016 - Candidate Profile

Mark Panning

Assistant Professor of Geology

Department of Geological Sciences

University of Florida


2008 - Present Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences University of Florida
2006 - 2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geosciences Princeton University
2004 - 2006 Postdoctoral Researcher Berkeley Seismological Lab/Space Sciences Lab
2004 Ph.D., Geophysics UC Berkeley
1999 B.S., Geological Sciences Indiana University


2012 - 2014 Member IRIS Global Seismic Network Standing Committee
2008 - Present IRIS Alternate Member Representative University of Florida

Selected Other Service to the Seismological Community

2013 - 2014 President American Geophysical Union SEDI focus group
2010 - 2012 Vice-Chair American Geophysical Union SEDI focus group
2010 - Present Leadership Council American Geophysical Union
2008 - 2010 Program Committee American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
2003 - Present Executive Committee American Geophysical Union SEDI focus group


IRIS has been vital to my career, as almost all practicing seismologists can claim.  My initial work and ongoing interest in global tomography have relied almost entirely on the globally distributed, high quality data of the Global Seismic Network (GSN).  This amazing resource owes its continuing valuable data to close collaboration between IRIS and the USGS.  My students have analyzed structure on tectonic and local scales relying on data from Earthscope and field studies using PASSCAL instrumentation.  Currently, I’m extremely excited to be closely involved in the NASA mission, InSight, which will be delivering seismic data (as well as other meteorological channels) from Mars to the Data Management System starting in late 2018 or early 2019, extending IRIS to the solar system.  I’ve also served on the GSN standing committee, and seen how much IRIS relies on its community members to direct the services it provides and prepare for the future of the science.  For all these reasons, I feel honored to be considered for membership in the Board of Directors in this vital time of transition.